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HOMER® Grid Optimization Modeling for Behind-the-Meter Distributed Generation Systems

Design and optimize your behind-the-meter system to intelligently reduce utility demand charges and develop the least-cost system with HOMER Grid.

HOMER Grid microgrid software on a laptop with a man seated at a desk.

Leverage powerful optimization, proven results

UL’s HOMER Grid optimizes the value of behind-the-meter, distributed generation systems anywhere in the world, especially when demand charges, resilience and energy arbitrage matter. 

With HOMER Grid, you can intelligently reduce the peak power you buy from the utility each month, determine the best mix of resources for the least-cost solution, design a system with the highest possible rate of return and demonstrate the value of your behind-the-meter system.

The comprehensive capabilities of HOMER Grid enable you to:

  • Reduce peak-demand charges 
  • Determine the impact of tariffs accurately
  • Produce professional customer-facing proposals
  • Model energy storage performance 
  • Minimize electric vehicle (EV) charging costs
  • Understand and demonstrate the impact on return on investment of stacked value streams, including demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage and self-consumption
  • Import solar photovoltaic production data
  • Optimize dispatch strategy for serving your load based on tariffs, weather and available power components
  • Import global solar data

Combine value streams and understand economies

Only HOMER Grid combines economics, engineering and multiple value streams, and approaches in one model, then rapidly performs complex calculations to find the least-cost solution. 

You save energy costs by reducing demand charges and accurately understanding the savings possible from investing in your power system. Options for EV charging, demand response programs, incentives, resilience and reliability are all included.

All power systems are not equal

Specify your system choice in moments with thousands of preloaded equipment options including solar photovoltaic, storage, wind, combined heat and power, and generators. 

Choose from a library of utility tariffs, incentive programs, electric load profiles, and solar and wind resources, or import or create your exact specifications 

Earn confidence and win sales with insightful customer-facing proposals

Quickly turn your analysis into a branded proposal that demonstrates cost-savings to your customer. Save time and earn customer trust with a professional proposal that:

  • Presents key aspects of a proposed system
  • Offers clear cost comparisons
  • Outlines economic value streams

You can save time and earn customer trust with a professional proposal.

Learn more about HOMER Grid

Download a complimentary 21-day trial and put the power of HOMER to work for you.

I love how straightforward HOMER is for setting up and the continuous improvements to modeling options like the new components library. It’s amazing.

  • Mauricio Solano-Peralta
  • Infratec Ltd.

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