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HOMER® Controller API

Enhance energy performance for your microgrid, distributed generation or hybrid power system with customized control algorithms.

Illustration of solar, wind and energy storage for a distributed energy system.

Controllers: The heart of the microgrid system

Controllers manage a distributed energy or microgrid systems’ components to provide power more economically and efficiently. 

HOMER, UL’s platform for optimizing microgrid design, includes your choice of out-of-the-box controller algorithms. 

Or if your business has its own proprietary controller solution, you can use the HOMER Controller application programming interface (API) to deliver your controller and its logic as an option in the HOMER platform.

With the HOMER Controller API, you can:

  • Write your own control algorithms to be used internally, distributed to your partners or promoted throughout HOMER Energy’s customer base.*
  • Simulate system operation with resource data and specified equipment.
  • Make your custom branded controllers available in the HOMER Pro or HOMER Grid components menu.

Benefits of HOMER Controller API

  • Engineered into the system – your controller is the center of the system from the beginning.
  • Added value for your customers – design your customer’s microgrid to work with your specific controller.
  • Easily distribute your proprietary controller solution to your channel partners and HOMER customers.*
  • Educate customers on how your controller works with their microgrid system.

How does HOMER Controller API work?

The HOMER Controller API gives you access to the necessary data objects in HOMER Pro or HOMER Grid, such as system load, battery state of charge and more.

The Controller API includes sample control algorithms to give developers a head start. Your programmers do all development and compiling, so your proprietary IP, code, and algorithms are confidential. 

Your executable DLL file can be distributed with HOMER Pro or HOMER Grid.

About HOMER Software

Originally developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), HOMER provides insight into the complexities and tradeoffs of designing cost-effective, reliable microgrids, driving informed decision making so you can design your systems with confidence. Our software products:

  • Combine engineering and economics in one powerful model.
  • Quickly and efficiently determine least-cost options.
  • Simulate real-world performance and deliver an optimized design.

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*HOMER Controller API distribution license applies

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