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Accessing Worldwide Markets with Consumer Electronics: Korea Market Access: Tips and Tricks

When expanding sales on worldwide markets, consumer electronics manufacturers need to consider local regulatory requirements. Watch our webinar and learn more about Korean market.

Family shopping in a consumer electronics store.

Watch now: Accessing worldwide markets with consumer electronics: Korea market access: Tips and tricks

Watch our webinar dedicated to consumer electronics and learn more about Korean market, the specific regulations and certification paths.

Webinar date

April 18, 2023


Pilar Gomez, product specialist, UL Solutions


Developing a new product usually has high costs and involves some level of risk for consumer electronics manufacturers.

When planning to expand sales to worldwide markets and capitalize on their product portfolio opportunities, manufacturers need to consider local regulations, restrictions and testing requirements.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:
  • Reasons why Korean market is attractive.
  • The regulations in place for radio, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and cybersecurity.
  • The certification processes to follow when exporting into the market.


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