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Underwriters Laboratories certifies fitness swim spa manufactured by Cal Spas® - first UL certification in product category marks significant milestone

May 28, 2010

NORTHBROOK, Ill., May 27, 2010 - Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in product safety testing and certification, and Cal Spas, a global provider of luxury hot tubs and home resort products, announced today that UL has Listed Cal Spas' newest "Fitness Swim spa."  Swim spas, which are also known as Fitness Spas or hot tubs, are oversized self-contained spas with higher electrical power requirements and expanded fitness and exercise functionality compared with traditional spa products. This is the first UL Listing in this category.

Cal Spas offers seven types of Fitness ProTM swim and fitness spas for every fitness level-from beginner to health enthusiast to the professional athlete. "Our Fitness Spas are state-of-art and are designed and engineered to provide the best aquatic workout and to deliver the most health benefits," said Casey Loyd, President of Cal Spas. For example, the Pro Fitness 1655 provides up to 17 feet of water area for treadmill swimming, strength training and muscle relaxation and rehabilitation. Each comes with Cal Spas Jet Stream PropulsionTM System. This exclusive double propulsion system provides an undercurrent that directs a stream of water below the swimmer-keeping the swimmer stationary.  The second swim current provides resistance for an invigorating swim workout--which can be modified to varying degrees of intensity. 

Aside from its larger size, the electrical-rating is higher than other products in the spa and hot tub category.  Some Cal Spas hot tub models contain two separate equipment alcoves, three independent incoming service connections, and multiple line-voltage and low-voltage components. "Its sheer size and power requirements presented challenges for UL engineers during the Listing Certification process," said Mrs. Simin Zhou, Vice President and General Manager for UL's Appliance, HVAC/R and Component business unit. "By working closely with the engineering team at Cal Spas and including collaboration with several of Cal Spas' component manufacturing engineers, we were able to reach our common goal-the first UL Listed swim spa on the market today." 

"We are proud to be the first swim spa manufacturer in the world to receive the exclusive UL Listing for safety certification," continued Loyd. "This is a coveted hallmark that distinguishes the Cal Spas brand from other hot tubs and further validates the success of our mission to provide the best fitness spas on the market. 

"UL's project with Cal Spas exemplifies our commitment to introducing new technologies and products employing those technologies to the market quickly and efficiently, without compromising public safety," said Mrs. Zhou. "This project is a successful beginning for the testing and certification of next generation of spa products."