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UL’s Industrial Automation Event to Help Manufacturers Innovate While Prioritizing Safety, Reliability and Performance

Three-day virtual event showcases industry-leading safety experts and engineers providing insights on achieving regulatory requirements, determining optimal component selection and broadening market access.

Industrial robots on factory floor

June 10, 2021

Northbrook, Illinois – June 10, 2021 – UL, the global safety leader, will host its virtual Industrial Automation Safety Summit, June 22-24. The agenda will focus on how industrial automation has brought significant benefits to the manufacturing process and how developing these benefits with safety in mind is critical in order to mitigate risk.  Throughout the three-day event, UL’s safety experts will share insight on industrial control panel optimization, industrial robotics safety considerations and automated machine workplace safety risk mitigation techniques.

“Modern manufacturing processes and production lines demand a new ecosystem with industrial control panels that help improve production and reduce lead time, robotics that can enhance a value stream through consistent quality and maximum productivity, and automated machines that continue to revolutionize the production methods and increase productivity, quality and consistency. Collectively these industrial automation innovations help fuel economic growth and prosperity with higher production rates, increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality and reduced lead times,” said Karine Johnfroe, senior director and regional general manager Energy and Industrial Automation for the Americas at UL and the Industrial Automation Safety Summit’s keynote speaker. “However, for manufacturers to truly realize industrial automation’s full potential, it is critical that these innovations meet highest standards for safety, reliability and performance.  This is why UL remains committed to collaborating with our manufacturing industry stakeholders to solve critical challenges and help drive safe innovation.”

Sessions throughout the Industrial Automation Summit will help clarify regulatory requirements, while helping alleviate confusion around component selection for industrial control panels (ICPs) and enables a pathway to achieve compliance and broaden market access. Tracks will focus on:

  • Industrial control panels – Understanding and applying current UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels, requirements is essential to for manufacturers to meet customer needs, regulatory requirements and market demands. Learn how UL’s Industrial Control Panels and the Panel Shop Program allows maximum flexibility in panel design, understand the benefits of the new UL 508A Manufacturer Technical Representative (MTR) program and how specifying the right components can help you optimize the design of ICPs.  Speakers include:
    • John Kovacik, principal engineer, UL
    • Tony Robertson, business development manager, UL
    • John Chambers, staff engineer, UL
    • John Carrigan, senior staff engineer, UL
    • Anil Patel, staff engineer, UL
    • Danish Zia, principal engineer, UL
    • Chuck Kurten, principal engineer, UL
  • Industrial robotics – The track will focus on current UL Standards addressing industrial robotic safety, including automated mobile platforms and industrial trucks, and on tips for achieving first pass certification as well as functional safety considerations for advancements in robotics.
    • Eric Bull, staff engineer, UL
    • Michael Fanta, staff engineer, UL
    • Nicholas Alexiades, engineering manager, UL
  • Automated machinery – Focusing on workplace safety risk mitigation techniques for industrial machines, session will also look at how to overcome challenges of functional safety implementation for machinery and understand the regulatory framework of the European Union Machinery Directive.
    • Ken Hackworth, senior safety engineer, Machine Safety Specialists
    • Peter Loelkes, engineering leader, UL

In addition to networking with various like-minded professionals and UL’s safety experts, attendees will also have the opportunity to virtually meet one-on-one with UL’s engineers to discuss any application challenges, questions about safety standards or project needs.

“With UL’s ability to support the development of safe, innovative technology and processes, we’re excited to host industry stakeholders to help them advance industrial automation and help deliver what matters to the market: safety, performance, security and confidence,” said Brian Spera, engineering manager, Factory Control Systems, Energy and Industrial Automation at UL.

More information about UL’s Industrial Automation Safety Summit registration and one-on-one meetings with UL’s engineers may be found here.

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