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UL Solutions Software Streamlines Wind Projects with Latest 3.0 Update of RRAP

UL Solutions released Renewable Resource Assessment Platform (RRAP) version 3.0 with new features and capabilities.

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June 3, 2024

As part of the drive to streamline wind resource and energy assessment activities through digitalization, UL Solutions released an updated version of its wind energy software. The web-based tool, Renewables Resource Assessment Platform (RRAP), combines access to databases, software, modeling and over 35 years of expertise to perform preliminary wind energy assessment and reporting. The tools in RRAP help users make informed decisions about which projects to develop or invest in.

The highlights of RRAP 3.0 include the ability to:

  • Create various iterations/scenarios with up-to-date technology identifying the best combination for projects.
  • Faster layout generation with the new layout optimization and automation features
  • Obtain results in hourly resolution for improved ability to deal with grid constrains
  • Adjust maps with precision, with multiple masts

The updated version of the tool reduces the number of friction points previously encountered, helping improve the overall user experience.

What’s new in RRAP 3.0?

The following features and capabilities have been added to RRAP in version 3.0. 

Updated power curves

Access the latest wind turbine models from major manufacturers, such as Nordex, SGRE, Vestas and others for generic purposes or exploration. For site-specific details, you can connect directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Met mast/Remote Sensing Device (RSD) management

Visualize met masts, lidar and sodar fleets on the project map. Easily access detailed information, data, tables and graphs by clicking on each independent object.

Improved report content

Experience improved report layouts, distribution, wind roses and location details. Final calculations include additional project information, facilitating internal distribution and enhancing project visibility.

Streamlined file input

The new version provides an improved user experience for file importation, reducing friction points with various formats and enabling direct ingestion from a variety of sources.

Optimized layout

Define project constraints and RRAP will optimize the layout based on user-defined conditions such as installed capacity, project area and minimum distance between turbines. Implement a simple and fast process for maximizing production.

Automatic energy loss calculation

Automatically assigns certain energy losses (e.g., electrical losses) based on system configuration, streamlining calculations and improving accuracy.

Download reanalysis and WRF time series

In addition to automatic long-term adjustments with Reanalysis, users can now download the entire series directly from RRAP, enhancing functionality and convenience.

With the growing interest in wind energy projects, UL Solutions is continuously working to improve RRAP while adding new features. We understand the importance of determining feasibility in the project design stage of development, and our goal is to support customers by making this process simpler.

Learn more about RRAP and how it can help you.

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Get connected with our team

To learn even more about RRAP, contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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