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UL Solutions Issues First UL Smart Systems Rating for Para Digital Twin Technology by Dar Group

UL Smart Systems Rating verified that Para helps smart building owners verify smart systems that optimize and facilitate operation and maintenance.

Cairo Dar Group office exterior

March 14, 2023

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS — March 14, 2023 — UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, today announced that the Para digital twin technology by Dar Group, a privately-owned professional services group of planning, design, engineering and project management firms, has achieved the first-ever UL Smart Systems Rating.

Advancing smart technology continues to create a competitive and challenging market for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who struggle to differentiate their products from their competitors. OEMs are setting an accelerated innovation pace that owners, general contractors, consultants, integrating contractors and building operators are trying to keep up with and trust within their operations. However, the lens they look through to meet the operational goals of the building is inconsistent throughout the contracting process.

The UL Smart Systems Rating Program helps to address this challenge by putting in place a criteria-based rating program for smart building systems. The program is built on a comprehensive assessment of what makes systems smart — connectivity and interoperability, resiliency, cybersecurity, digital experience, functional value, and control and automation. Upon successful assessment, UL Solutions issues a verification Mark that can be publicly accessed and used for marketing claims.

“One of the challenges currently faced by the digital twin market is a standardized definition and operating model for digital twin technology, and UL Solutions stepped up to solve this problem with the UL Smart Systems Rating Program,” said Faysal Shair, CEO of Para. “We are proud to have been recognized globally as the first digital twin platform to complete UL Solutions’ assessment and earn a UL Smart Systems Rating.”

As a digital twin and analytics platform that optimizes and facilitates operation and maintenance, Para helps make assets more energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable. The software combines cognitive analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. More than 19,000 in-house engineers with a wide range of building technology expertise provided insight to develop Para, enabling a comprehensive analytics platform with targeted recommendations that enhance building performance and operations.

“The UL Smart Systems Rating Program helps solidify the definition of a smart product and provides much-needed clarity for the smart building industry,” said Sudhi Sinha, vice president of Ecosystems and Service Development at UL Solutions. “Para is not only the first to earn a UL Smart Systems Rating but also an example of the program’s value for smart product manufacturers and their customers.”

“Digital twin technology can offer immediate and long-term value for the smart building industry by providing deep insights and the capability to optimize autonomously while controlling varying aspects of buildings,” said Tim Kupa, vice president of business development at Para. “With Para digital twin technology by Dar Group, being the first software platform to achieve a UL Smart Systems Rating confirms for our customers the advantages of utilizing Para in their building portfolios.”

Dar’s Cairo office currently uses Para, as does the Atlanta office of the architectural services company Perkins and Will, part of the Dar portfolio.

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