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UL Solutions Issues First Automotive Cybersecurity Assurance Program Certificate to LG Innotek

Through its Cybersecurity Assurance Program, UL Solutions is helping the automotive industry advance cybersecurity management systems for connected vehicle technologies.

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February 23, 2023

NORTHBROOK, Illinois — Feb. 23, 2023 — UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, today announced it issued the first Cybersecurity Assurance Program Certificate for ISO/SAE 21434:2021, Road Vehicles — Cybersecurity Engineering to LG Innotek. The UL Solutions Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP) Certificate recognizes that LG Innotek’s cybersecurity management system meets the requirements of the ISO/SAE 21434:2021 standard, which was introduced last year.

Cybersecurity is increasingly crucial for occupant protection as road vehicles become more connected and less isolated. Without a compliant cybersecurity management system, connectivity technology can leave road vehicles more vulnerable to automotive cybersecurity risks and ultimately affect the safety of the driver and passengers.

UL Solutions helps automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers assess cybersecurity risk throughout the complete product life cycle to help them identify problems earlier in the design phase before discovering issues in the final product.

“Cybersecurity risk management frameworks empower manufacturers to demonstrate that they prioritize cybersecurity and have mitigation measures in place in case of incidents or breaches,” said Jody Nelson, managing director of Automotive Cybersecurity and Functional Safety at UL Solutions. “This proactive approach builds trust among buyers, which is fundamental to building valued brands. Congratulations to LG Innotek for achieving the first CAP certificate issued for the automotive industry. This milestone showcases LG Innotek’s commitment to building a process that meets requirements set by current automotive cybersecurity standards.”

The 2021 Global Automotive Consumer Study from Deloitte revealed that the majority of more than 24,000 consumers surveyed are concerned about someone hacking into their connected car systems and compromising their safety. Among consumers participating in the study, 66% in India, 64% in the United States and 58% in China indicated concerns regarding automotive cybersecurity risks.

Given the rapidly growing complexity of connected vehicles, it is increasingly challenging to eliminate cybersecurity risks. As a result, emerging regulations, such as ISO/SAE 21434:2021 and UN Regulation No. 155, Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Management System, guide developing a risk management framework designed to assess risk early in the development phases, address cybersecurity challenges as they present themselves and track progress over time.

“Cybersecurity risk management proves critical to successfully delivering quality automotive components and connected vehicles in both commercial and passenger segments,” Nelson said. “In today’s world, security is intrinsic to quality. Our security experts offer a cross-functional technical experience to support the global automotive industry and suppliers such as LG Innotek in the shift toward connected vehicles.”

ISO/SAE 21434:2021 specifies engineering requirements for cybersecurity risk management regarding the concept, product development, production, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems in road vehicles, including their components and interfaces. The standard defines a framework that includes requirements for cybersecurity processes and a common language for communicating and managing cybersecurity risk.

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