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UL Receives Approval to Expand Scope of Testing for AHRI Certification Programs

March 23, 2016

UL’s Plano, TX lab is now approved for AHRI product performance certification testing for packaged unitary small cooling and heating products

NORTHBROOK, Ill., March 23, 2016 — UL, a global safety science organization, today announced that its Plano, TX facility has received approval from the  Air‑Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to perform testing for its Unitary Small Air-Conditioner and Heat Pump (USAC/HP) certification program for packaged products. This accreditation means that UL is now recognized as an approved third-party laboratory for a total of four AHRI certification programs, including Water-Source Heat Pumps (water-to-water and water-to-air), as well as residential and commercial ice making products.

“UL remains committed to further enhancing and expanding the range of services we offer to the HVAC industry,” said Todd Straka, business development director with UL’s appliances, HVAC and lighting division. “The ability to now conduct AHRI Certification of Unitary Small Packaged products at UL’s Plano laboratory offers manufacturers greater flexibility and will assist them in getting their products to market quickly.”

“UL has worked diligently to meet AHRI’s third-party laboratory requirements and start testing Unitary Small Packaged Units for the AHRI USAC/HP programs in 2016. This will not only provide for manufacturers broader market access but also strengthen AHRI’s program credibility and support its diversification objectives,” said Marc Neufcourt, Director of Certification, with AHRI.

“UL is continuing to build and qualify additional test facilities to support AHRI’s diversification objectives through 2020 which includes added capabilities for split system WSHP products (water-to-air), split system Air-Conditioners & Heat Pumps,” added Jeffrey Martin, HVAC engineering manager of the Plano, Texas facility.

To learn more about UL’s recent approval as testing laboratory for AHRI certification program for packaged unitary cooling and heating pumps – or UL’s full range of service offerings for the HVAC and appliances industry please contact or reach out directly to