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UL Offers New Tool to Enhance Wiring Harness Traceability Program

Use our new assessment tool to quickly determine your eligibility for UL’s Wiring Harness Traceability Program.

Wiring harness assembly

December 13, 2019

UL is pleased to announce a new online assessment tool is now available as a part of our Wiring Harness Traceability Program. This new resource uses machine learning technologies to automatically review technical documents and determine if a specific assembly meets the basic requirements for coverage under our Wiring Harness Traceability Program.      

Assessing a wiring harness used to be a time-consuming manual process, where prospective and current customers emailed documents to UL representatives and waited for a response. Now, you can submit your wiring harness diagrams and/or Bill of Materials (BoMs) via an online form and receive an automated assessment of program eligibility within minutes.     

An email notification will indicate if the submitted harness is eligible or not eligible for coverage or requires additional review. If the document(s) are determined eligible, and you do not already have a UL Wiring Harness Traceability File, the system will automatically notify regional UL sales staff to help you establish a new File. If the document(s) are determined not eligible or require further review, the system will automatically notify a UL engineer to contact you.   

This advance document review allows us to address your wiring harness eligibility more quickly and efficiently. Working together, we can build a foundation of trust to help ensure a safer world.

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  • Find out if your wiring harness assembly is eligible for coverage under UL’s Wiring Harness Traceability Program. Submit a PDF of your diagram and/or Bill of Materials (BOM) for automated review.

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