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UL Launches Premier Indoor Air Quality Services in China

December 5, 2012


Nansha Testing Service Center in Guangzhou helps UL pioneer the concept of healthier indoor environments 


Nansha, Guangzhou, Dec. 6, 2012 – Global product testing and certification leader UL (Underwriters Laboratories) today announced the official launch of its indoor air quality (IAQ) services in its Nansha testing service center in Guangzhou, China. This move follows the increasing demand in the Chinese market for a more environmentally healthy lifestyle, and is in line with UL's global commitment of “working for a safer world."



The initiative was announced at the launch event in Guangzhou by Mr. Zhou Weifang, Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Vice President of UL. Joined by a team of UL’s IAQ service experts, he briefed guests on the essential nature of IAQ services in China as well as the company’s key service areas.



“Consumer demand for indoor environmentally preferable products is spurring manufacturers to turn their attention to ‘green value.’ This can only be a good thing for the entire industry, to develop in a healthier and more transparent manner. For us at UL – a company which has long espoused environmental innovations – we are very glad to see increasing enthusiasm in the Chinese market for indoor environmental protection,” said Mr. Zhou. “Air pollution is an issue that we must all face. The extension of our services to air quality and safety is an attempt on our part to explore and expand the definition of safety.”



Meeting the need for environmentally preferable and low-emitting products in the Chinese market, UL’s Nansha operations will benefit a variety of stakeholders with an array of testing equipment and services. Using state-of-the-art testing technology, the new IAQ services include product emissions testing, chemical content testing, indoor air quality certification, and advisory services. The new IAQ services will help manufacturers determine, assess, and evaluate sources of pollution such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aldehydes, and phthalates in household electrical appliances, electronic products, furnishings, and building materials.



Indoor air quality is an issue of concern for people around the world today. According to statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, people in North America spend on average 90% of their time indoors. UL Air Quality Sciences says that indoor air is typically two to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. As such, the indoor environment can have a strong impact on human health.



The Chinese public has also shown increased concern for air quality. Specifically, a greater demand for environmental consciousness has grown around products made by manufacturers and used by renovation contractors, such as electrical appliances, furniture and storage units. Owing to rapid economic growth and increasing urbanization, people are now more likely to come into contact or inhale an increasing number of chemical substances emitted by building materials, home furniture, and electrical products in homes, schools, and offices. Recent statistics from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that 92% of newly decorated flats contain excessive formaldehyde content and that 76% contain five times more formaldehyde content than allowed. The need has never been more urgent to minimize the risk posed by renovation materials on the human body.



“As more and more consumers are beginning to become aware of the importance of indoor environmental protection, we’re seeing a new trend toward making environmentally preferable and green products from the manufacturing industry. While we support authorities in their ability to take action and enhance the consistency of indoor air quality laws and standards, we also value having independent, authoritative, third-party certification organizations to provide comprehensive services," said Dr. Hong Zhi Tai, head of Lenovo’s Environment and Technology department. “The launch of the IAQ service by UL is an excellent opportunity. We want to have a credible third-party certification organization like UL provide us with accurate information and services, and help us effectively position our indoor products as truly environmentally preferable. This will ultimately give us a more advantageous position in the market.”



Utilizing the GREENGUARD Certification Program, UL’s IAQ services test and certify products and materials with low chemical emissions. In order to identify possible chemical emissions and help ensure the safety of products, tests and analyses are conducted on products through environmental chamber testing. Products that achieve GREENGUARD Certification meet some of the most stringent chemical emissions criteria in the world and are thus recognized by a vast number of companies, government authorities, and organizations.



Other UL Environment offerings available globally include independent Environmental Claim Validation (ECV), Sustainable Product Certification (SPC), and Environmental Protection Declaration (EPD) Certification services. By leveraging its vast experience and comprehensive solutions in testing and certification, UL is focused on helping industries highlight their green value and helping consumers find the most sustainable products.



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