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UL Introduces Horticultural Performance Certification for Lighting Manufacturers

Horticultural products are certified to UL S 8000, the first lighting performance specification published by UL.

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February 21, 2019

NORTHBROOK, Ill., February 21, 2019 – Have you ever wondered if performance claims on horticultural lighting products are accurate? Wonder no more. UL, a leading global safety science company, today introduced a Horticultural Performance Certification program to help lead the way through the development of guidelines related to the performance, reliability and suitability for use of horticulture lighting products. In the Program, products are certified to UL S 8000, the first lighting performance specification published by UL.

Having the right spectrum and quantity of light at the right point in the plant lifecycle can make a significant difference in the quality of the end product and can influence plant growth characteristics. This new lighting performance certification provides certified data to help end-users (growers, specifiers, designers, etc.) in selecting the appropriate product for their lighting needs. This flexible certification program allows different spectra, technologies and light levels to account for the needs of different crop species.

“We are pleased to launch our new Horticulture Lighting Certification program which will aid both specifiers and end-users in the process of selecting high-quality horticultural lighting products for their specific application,” said Todd Straka, director of performance testing at UL. “By participating in the program, manufacturers will have the ability to further differentiate their product through the use of the esteemed UL Certified for Performance Mark on their product packaging and marketing materials upon successful completion of qualification testing to the UL S 8000 performance test specification.”

Horticultural lighting is one of the fastest growing segments in the lighting market. UL already helps manufacturers bring horticultural lighting equipment to the market while ensuring the highest levels of safety by certifying products and writing standards the industry has come to trust.

This newly launched Horticultural Performance Certification program reports key criteria to help you meet your requirements for different lighting technologies and equipment.

Lighting products that meet the UL S 8000 performance specification will have its data available in the UL Product iQ, a searchable online certification directory that offers trusted UL Listing, classification and recognition information.

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