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UL Introduces Comprehensive Compliance Services for the Wearable Technology Industry

January 14, 2015

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 14, 2015 -- UL Consumer Technology, a global leader of product safety testing and certification for over 100 years, announced today the launch of a comprehensive service that offers customized product validation, advisory, testing, risk mitigation, interoperability, and global market access services for wearable technology products. The services will help to assist manufacturers in supplying consumers with safer and more reliable wearable products while reducing the time to market.

As unveiled at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas last week, the spotlight was focused on many innovative wearable devices from start-up companies. As the amount of sales of wearable technology continues to rise, projected to reach upwards of $100 billion by 2018*, it is critical for manufacturers to understand the mandatory evaluation and testing considerations applicable to the components and materials used in wearable technology products. In addition to regulatory compliance issues, meeting product performance and reliability expectations are essential for widespread acceptance in the marketplace. User safety is paramount for wearable technology products as they are worn for a prolonged period in direct contact with the human skin and rely on wireless technologies to transmit and receive personal information. Most critical, the tests help safeguard against bodily harm such as skin burns and potentially harmful exposure to wireless signals. The absence of appropriate testing could result in recalls, returns and a damaged reputation.

“UL is taking the lead in providing a wearable technology program broad enough to encompass the entire industry yet clear and robust enough to provide immense value to developers and manufacturers of wearable technology to help get their products to the market efficiently,” said Stephen Kirk, vice president and general manager for UL’s Consumer Technology Division.

Kirk also indicated UL’s unique and extensive portfolio of services will help guide the wearable tech industry in the development of standards and interoperability tests that will at once fulfill regulatory concerns as well as satisfy consumer desire for high-quality products that work together.

UL is also an exhibitor at the Wearable Device Technology Expo in Japan this week (Jan 14-16). For more information, please visit

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* “Wearable Technology: 2014,” Generator Research Limited, 29 January 2014. Web. 15 November 2014.