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UL hosts three-day CTIA Battery Working Group meeting on April 15-17, 2014

May 9, 2014

Attended by over 40 cellphone, tablet & battery manufacturers as well as global CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL) representatives

NORTHBROOK, Ill., May 9th, 2014 -- UL, a world leader in product safety & performance testing and certification, hosted a three-day CTIA Battery Working Group meeting which took place on April 15-17, 2014.  This meeting was led by CTIA and AT&T representatives and included over 40 cellphone, tablet & battery manufacturers as well as global CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL) representatives. 

CTIA - The Wireless Association® is an international non-profit membership association founded in 1984 to represent all sectors of wireless communications.  The CTIA certification is a requirement set by leading telecom providers for their suppliers. UL tests cell phone & tablet rechargeable battery products and systems to CTIA Battery Certification Program requirements.  UL's participating Battery CATLs include UL Northbrook and UL Taiwan.  In addition, UL has CATLs for testing other CTIA required test plans including Over-the-Air Performance, Converged Devices, & Hearing Aid Compatibility located in UL Fremont, CA & UL United Kingdom.

The CTIA Battery Certification Program verifies the conformance of applicable products, including lithium ion battery cells and packs, chargers and adapters to IEEE Standard 1725TM-2011, Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones & IEEE Standard 1625TM-2008, Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Multi-Cell Mobile Computing Devices (i.e. Tablets). The program can be applied to single products or to combinations of applicable products as a complete system, for example, battery cell, battery pack, charger and host device (mobile phone or tablet) together.  In addition to testing, certification also requires an annual inspection of the cell manufacturing site-a quality audit that reviews management controls, process controls, quality systems and technical competence.  A declaration of compliance with CTIA requirements is also required from the applicant.

The CTIA Battery Working Group meeting that took place in UL Northbrook continued to refine the existing certification program as well as look to the future of a Battery Life Test Plan.  The goal is to develop a standardized method for estimating battery life of smartphones and to adopt such method across the industry.  This would then be a more accurate way of comparing performance among devices.  While this work is still in development, UL welcomes the opportunity to support CTIA's development of this performance test plan.  A draft of the Battery Life Test Plan is in development and is expected to be completed later this year.

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