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UL Granted First MRA for Exports to Mexico for NOM-001, NOM-029 and NOM-032

Test at UL's laboratories to expedite market access to Mexico

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August 25, 2020

On August 22, Mexico’s Direccion General de Normas (DGN) granted UL a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for testing products for NOM-001-SCFI-2018 (safety testing) and NOM-029-ENER-2017 (energy efficiency testing) outside of Mexico. We are the first international Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) company to be granted an MRA for NOM-001-SCFI-2018 and NOM-029-ENER-2017, which is required for technology products being exported to Mexico, including audio and video, electronics, power supplies, small appliances, energy and power technology.


Products containing a standby mode require compliance per NOM-032-ENER-2013. The DGN grants us an upgrade to the MRA for this area so tests performed at UL laboratories are accepted and do not require approval by an accredited laboratory in Mexico before certification. This updated MRA should significantly reduce the time it takes to get products to market.


If you have an open NOM order to transfer your Certification of Compliance to full NOM-001 certification and/or NOM-029 testing, one of our experts can adjust your testing plan from testing in Mexico to testing at UL accredited laboratories in other countries. To make these changes, please contact your Global Market Access project manager or contact us to speak to an expert.


As a reminder, on August 12, all international Certification Bodies (UL, CSA, SGS, Nemko, Intertek, TUV Rh, TUV SUD) were notified that the draft Equivalency Agreement (EA) for NOM-001-SCFI-2018 will not be published into law and will remain on hold until a reciprocity clause is accepted between the U.S., Canadian and Mexican governments in compliance with Quality Infra-Structure Law dated July 1, 2020.


Based on this decision, as of August 15, manufacturers can no longer import using the EA leveraging UL and ULC Certificates of Compliance. All previous products registered in the DGN database under the previous NOM-001-SCFI-1993 EA were withdrawn as of August 14, 2020. Any products under the scope of NOM-001-SCFI-2018 imported now must have a valid NOM certificate to access the Mexican market.


We have deep and broad experience testing and certifying electronics and are a leader in evolving wireless technology. One of our Global Market Access experts can help speed your time to market by guiding you through testing and documentation for countries around the world, including Mexico.


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