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UL Fremont, CA Lab Granted CBTL Status

July 11, 2016

As UL HVAC/R expanded our lab capabilities due to increasing demand, we decided we could best serve our customers by expanding some of our testing services within the United States as well. We looked at all of our US offices with test labs and decided that it would be most advantageous for our customers if we expand on the west coast and then in the Northeast test lab. We decided the Fremont, CA office, which has recently relocated from their San Jose, CA location, was best equipped to grow our testing capabilities at this time, so the wheels were set in motion to upgrade our Fremont, CA Test Lab into a CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL).

After almost one full year of collaboration between the Fremont Engineering team, the Lab team and the internal quality and audit team, the lab was ready for their IEC Audit. On May 19, 2016, the Fremont Lab completed the successful audit, and for HVAC/R, that facility is now a CBTL for IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-34 (Compressors), and IEC 60335-2-89 (Commercial Refrigerators). In the audit’s entirety, the Fremont lab completed all of the following:

  • An initial assessment for a new National Certified Body (NCB) (UL Demko) for categories HOUS and LITE
  • A relocation assessment for our move to Fremont
  • A complete reassessment for our now UL Fremont scope under our existing NCB (UL US – NBK) that includes categories: OFF, TRON, MED, MEAS, PV, E3 and TOOL
  • A scope extension for our Fremont scope with NCB (UL US – NBK) to include EMC and MISC (Laser)

Special thanks to our Fremont HVAC/R Engineering staff, Ignacio Duenas, Sergio Juarez, Matt Cariglio and Tony Lopez.
Next lab expansion: The Northeast Test Lab.