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UL in Cabiate, Italy, Expands ISTA Packaging Tests Available for European Retailers and Manufacturers

Protect the safety and integrity of your products in transit. With UL, companies can feel confident that packaging is up to the job.

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July 28, 2020

Driven by the growth of e-commerce, the complexity of global supply chains and changing consumer preferences, product packaging, for everything from consumer goods to food and medical supplies, has become critical to delivering quality, safe products to market. However, maintaining the cost effectiveness of packaging while simultaneously ensuring the integrity and sustainability of packaging can be a challenge. 

To meet the increasing demand for transport services, particularly with the advent of e-commerce, UL’s laboratory in Cabiate, Italy, has added several International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) testing protocols to its services so that retailers and manufacturers in Europe can assess the security of their goods in transit. 

“Our recent expansion in facilities and expertise dedicated to product packaging in Cabiate shows UL’s ongoing commitment to our customers to better serve them across Europe and across the board from safety of products during transit to sustainable solutions for their package,” said Giuseppe Barisan, director and general manager of UL’s Environment and Sustainability division in Europe.

Performing tests for product packaging can help reduce loses due to product damage, reduce customer claims from damaged products and reduce waste and CO2 emissions. 

With UL, companies can feel confident that packaging is up to the job.

Requirements, procedures and standards now include all ISTA Series, including FedEx, Amazon and Sam’s Club TAPPI T810 (Burst strength). 

As an ISTA certified testing laboratory, UL can provide the necessary documentation and test reports for the Transit Tested Certification to appear on your packaging. We can test a variety of packaging for products including glassware and household items, lighting, toys, juvenile products, premiums, ready to assemble furniture, and other furnishings. 

UL’s package testing equipment includes rotary vibration, random vibration, incline impact, mechanical shock, vertical compression, environmental chambers, burst and a free fall drop tester.

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