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Solutions for Medium & High Voltage Cables

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April 18, 2018

The wire and cable division formally launched its programs to help utilities with supplier audits and product inspections of their medium voltage cable suppliers in 2017. These cables are critical to the electricity delivery network for utilities, but many now lack the knowledge and manpower to perform these services themselves. UL, with these new services, is prepared to meet industry needs.

These programs are targeted specifically at performing an annual audit and product inspections created by UL to incorporate elements from ISO, manufacturing best practices and pertinent standards. The audit program is known as the Medium Voltage Cable Supplier Audit Program (MVCSA). The other complementary service is the Medium Voltage Cable Inspection Program (MVCIP). This program focuses on specific product or lot inspections of cable prior to shipment to the utility and incorporates witness testing at the supplier’s factory along with sample testing and detailed examination at UL labs.

As UL experts have spoken with utilities about their needs, we have also discussed with them the value of UL performing witness testing of high-voltage cable suppliers from manufacturers outside of North America. Many of these projects include the supply of cable which is critical to the transmission of electricity, meaning utmost importance is placed on their correct manufacture and testing.

Visit Inside UL to read more about the benefits of these programs and learn how they were developed for the industry.


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