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Saudi Arabia Adopts New Version of Technical Regulations for Textile Products

In January 2024, the new version of the Technical Regulations for Textile Products was adopted.

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March 19, 2024

On Jan. 12, 2024, in a document published in Umm al-Qura (Saudi Arabia’s official government gazette), the new version of the Technical Regulations for Textile Products was adopted.

The following key changes were made:

  • Addition of an appendix that includes 49 types of textile fibers whose names have been agreed upon internationally (Appendix 2 – List of Textile Fiber Names).
  • Addition of definition for underwear.
  • An additional exclusion for “shoes subject to the Technical Regulations for Shoes and Accessories” from the scope of this regulation.
  • Update on supplier’s obligations, specifically on labelling requirements.
  • Inclusion of possible damage that may arise as a result from contamination of filling materials such as feathers, down, etc., in the list of damages that textile products must be tested against.
  • Removal of specific pH limits in textile products.
  • Update of relevant standards/test methods to be conducted to determine the chemical safety of textile products (Annex 1).
  • Changes in conformity assessment procedures.
  • Deletion of appendices related to:
    • Value limits for chemicals permitted in textile products.
    • List of textile products that are characterized by collective labelling.
    • List of textile products for which labelling or marking is not mandatory.
    • List of armomaticaromatic amines.
    • List of carcinogenic dyes.

These changes are to be implemented by July 10, 2024 (within 180 days after publication in the Official Gazette). However, suppliers are given one (1) year after the changes’ publication to comply with the new requirements.

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