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Report: Fragrance Products Not Complying With Washington State Law

January 8, 2013

Testing commissioned by the Washington Toxics Coalition has found phthalates in fragrance products likely to be used by children aged 10-12 being sold in the state, without the reporting of chemicals of concern required under the state's "Children's Safe Product Act."

Nine out of 20 products tested were found to contain either diethyl phthalate (DEP) or di-2-ethylhexl phthalate (DEHP), says the coalition. Seven had DEP at levels that would trigger mandatory reporting under the law.

Under the Act, manufacturers of children's products sold in Washington are required to report to the state Department of Ecology the presence of any of 66 currently listed chemicals of concern. For cosmetics products, this reporting is required for products intended for children aged 12 and under.