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Q&A: Product iQ® Focus on Installation Code Search

Where can I find the UL code correlation database for UL Certifications (Listings) that comply with a model code?

March 5, 2021

Q: Where can I find the UL code correlation database for UL Certifications (Listings) that comply with a model code? It used to be the Installation Code Search on UL’s former Product Spec. 

A:  The 2020 NEC and 2018 IBC correlation to UL product Certifications (Listings) is now available on the UL Product iQ® database at Product iQ is complimentary to use, but does require a simple one-time registration. Product iQ includes the installation code search template to search UL certified products for code-compliant installations for the latest two or three editions of 16 North American model installation codes, such as the 2020, 2017 and 2014 NEC and 2018, 2015 and 2012 IBC.

To access the installation code search, go to UL Product iQ and select “installation code search” in the drop-down selections under the Building Materials, Systems and Installation Codes tab or you can directly link to

For example, once on the Installation Code template, select the National Electrical Code (NEC) from the Installation Code field, “2020” from the year field and enter the section you desire. The search results will display the UL product categories applicable to that code section. Select a product category guide information file that details information on the scope of Certification (Listing), installation criteria, Certification requirements and identification of the UL Mark for those products. For additional relevant technical information, open the Related Information tab or click the View UL Certified Products link to source code-compliant UL Certified (Listed) products for your application. 

Register for Product iQ today at   Bookmark or save Product iQ to your home screen and use this important tool to source code compliant products or to assist with your inspection decisions. 

For more information on using the installation code search, visit

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