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A New, More Powerful City


November 26, 2018

Power grids are evolving to be more efficient and effective, and technology must help keep these grids safe.

We’re all more connected than ever before and cities around the world are following suit. In fact, according to “The invisible power of cities” published on Smart Cities Dive, “Globally we have reached a tipping point on connectivity. There are now more connected devices than there are people on earth, and last year we created more data than in all previous years of human existence combined.” Co-authored by Ken Boyce, Principal Engineer Director Energy & Power Technologies at UL, and Karen Weigert, a senior fellow on global cities at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, this article focuses on the challenges faced by today’s smart cities, including cyber-attacks, while looking at what can be done – and what is already being done – to keep them safe.

To learn more about today’s connected cities, read "The Invisible Power of Cities."  For more information, watch “Cities, Energy, and Security,” a presentation from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.