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New Milestone Set for Growth of Korean Wire & Cable Industry: Memorandum of Agreements signed between UL and Korea Testing Certification (KTC)

December 7, 2017

Hong Kong, December 7, 2017 – UL today announces that its wire and cable division has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Korea’s leading testing and certification service provider Korea Testing Certification (KTC). The agreement is to establish a laboratory in Gokseong as a UL designated sub-contracted laboratory and to act as its non-exclusive representative in the Republic of Korea to perform testing services and to promote the services of UL.

Under the terms of the MOA, KTC will set up the wire and cable lab in Gokseong (in Jeonlanam-do Province) beginning in 2018 with completion expected in 2020 to provide testing services based on UL standards for AWM, flexible cord, communication cable, and distribution cable.  UL will support KTC in determining facility specifications and will also provide staff training on the above UL standards so that KTC’s personnel can operate the lab under the terms of UL’s Data Acceptance Program.

UL understands the increasing need for wire and cable industry in Korea to accelerate the time to market and to meet the challenges of highly competitive global market environment.  With the support from UL’s engineering expertise, this new facility in Gokseong will help manufacturers launch compliant products to the marketplace.

“We are collaborating with KTC to provide our testing services locally here in Korea with a view to shorten the turnaround time for submitting samples, testing and certification,” said L.F. Lai, vice president and general manager of UL’s wire and cable division.  “Additionally customers can validate their product design by conducting UL research testing at KTC’s facility during the product development stage, in order to be more competitive in the global market.”

“The successful collaboration between KTC and UL will lay a solid foundation for expansion.  Not only will it benefit KTC and UL, but also it would further support the growth of the industrial sector of Korea,” said Yoojong, Song, President of KTC.

The agreements between UL and KTC marks a milestone for new way of cooperation between both parties in testing and certification and for growth with the industrial sector of Korea.

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