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New Milestone Set for Growth Between UL and Indonesia Industrial Sector: Officially Opening Wire & Cable Laboratory in Jakarta, Two Technical Arrangement Agreements signed with Ministry of Industry, Indonesia

The ribbon cutting ceremony at UL's new wire & cable laboratory in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 11, 2017

April 11, 2017

The ribbon cutting ceremony at UL's new wire & cable laboratory in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 11, 2017

Jakarta, April 11, 2017 – UL today announces that its wire and cable laboratory, PT UL International Indonesia, located in North Jakarta is officially opened.  The laboratory has been accredited by National Accreditation Body of Indonesia (KAN) as Testing Organization (TO) and Certification Organization (CO) for the local Indonesian National Standard (SNI) Certification.  It is designated by Ministry of Industry (MOI) to provide services according to the IEC standards IEC 60227-3, IEC 60227-4, IEC 60227-5, and IEC 60502-1 and -2.

UL understands the increasing need for wire and cable industry in Indonesia to accelerate the time to market and to meet the challenges of highly competitive global market environment.  With the support from experienced engineers, the facilities in the wire and cable laboratory will help manufacturers launch compliant products to the market.

“We established the testing facility in Indonesia to provide our local-for-local services here with a view to support the growth of the wire and cable industry.  The long term objective is to use the Indonesia lab as a platform for UL to cover its entire ASEAN certification business as it evolves over the next several years,” said L.F. Lai, VP and General Manager of UL’s wire and cable division.

In an effort to further support the growth of industrial sector of Indonesia, UL also announces there will be two Technical Arrangement (TA) Agreements signed between UL and B4T Indonesia under the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia in the opening ceremony of PT UL International Indonesia.  The agreements are to honor the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Agency for Industrial Research and Development (BPPI), Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia and the UL-AG in Nov 2016.

The first TA agreement between UL Taiwan and B4T is about research and standard development for Li-ion Battery regulation in Indonesia market.  Through this agreement, UL Taiwan will provide technical support to B4T and will help develop technical competency on a Li-ion Battery safety standard.

Another TA agreement signed between UL Indonesia and B4T is about scope extension of SNI Certification Organization accredited to UL Indonesia.  Through this TA agreement, UL will leverage B4T Testing capability in Appliances, Lighting, Audio/Video etc. for SNI certification.

The above TA agreements between UL and B4T marks a milestone for cooperation between both parties in research and standard development and for growth with the industrial sector of Indonesia.

To learn more about UL’s SNI services or UL’s full range of market access and other service offerings for the wire and cable industry, please reach out directly to  For additional information about UL’s TA agreement with B4T, please contact Sam Hsu at

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