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A new life for EV batteries


December 18, 2018

After electric vehicle batteries have lost their zip, they can still be put to good use

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the next generation of transportation, and UL wants to help manufacturers make sure the batteries that power these vehicles are used to their full potential. Today, rather than simply disposing of the batteries when they no longer provide the power needed by EVs, they can be repurposed. However, for this to be possible, the batteries must first be safe, meaning every pack must be evaluated according to established standards to determine its condition, safety and energy capacity.

We created UL 1974, Standard for Safety for Repurposing Electric Vehicle Batteries, to help with this effort. As the national Standard for both the U.S. and Canada, UL 1974 establishes parameters that should be measured and procedures that should be followed to help determine and rank the health, viability and suitability of the battery for continued use. This guidance helps repurposing manufacturers assess the required variables and understand the usability of batteries. Most importantly, it supports the circular economy and helps the industry safely use this exciting battery technology to its full potential.

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