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Modernizing the Electric Grid with Distributed Generation and Energy Storage

Three UL experts look at the codes and standards to help govern safety and grid operability.

Power line, solar panels and wind turbines against blue sky

June 17, 2019

Renewable energy and distributed generation are changing the way the world looks at electricity. To accommodate these new sources and systems, myriad codes, standards and certifications are taking shape to address evolving safety, performance and functionality needs. In the May 2019 issue of PV Tech, UL’s Scott Picco, Laurie Florence and Tim Zgonena discuss some of these changes and look at how UL Standards are helping storage systems and distributed energy resources remain as safe as possible.

With an eye on safety and the proper use of energy storage systems and distributed generation, it may be possible to increase the stability and reliability of tomorrow’s smart grids. From UL 9540 which covers electrochemical, chemical mechanical and thermal energy storage systems to the new UL 3001 which address microgrids, distributed energy resource systems (DERS) and other forms of decentralized power, the authors discuss in detail the safe future of energy generation, storage, and distribution.

To learn more about tomorrow’s energy grids, download the technical briefing, “Codes, standards and certification for safety and performance of distributed energy resources and systems,” in PV Tech.

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