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The Health Sciences Wire - Issue 09

For the September 2020 edition of The Health Sciences Wire we will investigate:
• Ultraviolet (UVC) safety for facilities
• Power supply corner – Part 1
• 5G advancement and need
• Dietary supplement webinar
• Thermal imaging systems as medical devices

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September 1, 2020

UVC Healthcare facility safety

As healthcare facilities and hospitals are altering their operations and infrastructure to accommodate ultraviolet product use, proper testing and certification of these products has become imperative for patient, staff, and visitor safety.

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Power Supply Corner - Part 1: Power supply standards compliance

In the first installment of our new four-part series, Power Supply Corner, we examine the changes from IEC 60950-1 to include the IEC 62368-1, 3rd Edition and the effects on product manufacturers and designers.

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In disruptive times, 5G serves as gateway to connect the world

Businesses, schools, government institutions have transitioned employees and students from on-site work to working from home. This has brought about a greater understanding of the increased importance of 24/7 connectivity, with 5G as the conduit for massive technology growth.

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Dietary supplement compliance: What you need to know

Our subject matter experts will discuss a variety of new requirements from the Food Safety Modernization Act, the Foreign Supplier Verification Program, the Intentional Adulteration rule and successful GMP certification.

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Thermal imaging systems as a medical device

In this UL white paper, we’ll discuss the use of thermal imaging systems, thermal imaging technology in diagnosis, applicable standards, and new thermal imaging systems and devices.

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Assessing the safety of UV disinfection technologies

Expert insights into the science behind UV disinfection technologies, the potential benefits in the healthcare industry and the potential safety risks associated with the use of UV radiation in disinfection processes.

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UV Sterilization and Disinfection use in the Healthcare Industry

This on-demand webinar/panel discussion examines concerns with exposure to UV radiation, typical application of UV devices, risk groups associated with UV and standards used for evaluation of these types of sterilization devices used in a health care environment.

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Technical Report: IEC 60601-1 EUV Requirement Comparison Guide

As healthcare facilities have had to pivot on patient care, the current pandemic has created an urgent need for COVID-19 specific devices including ventilators. this guide looks are the Emergency Use Ventilator (EUV) guidelines for current and post-pandemic regulatory clearances.

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