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The Health Sciences Wire - Issue 05

We are here again with our May, 2020 edition. This month’s issue will look at:

- Expedited services for new or altered medical devices
- Top 5 innovation and safety trends for 2020
- Remote INMETRO testing and certifications
- Remote witness testing for healthcare products
- Advances in Interoperability for Wi-Fi connected devices
- New 61010 webinar
- Tips and Tricks

The Health Sciences Wire

May 7, 2020

Expedited services for new or altered medical devices

Manufacturers of critical COVID-19 related products such as, ventilators, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other equipment, are being allowed expedited market access. UL is now offering accelerated and virtual testing options to stream line the go-to-market process to meet the surging demand.

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Top 5 safety innovation trends in 2020

How are companies addressing safety while continuing to innovate? UL conducted a survey to identify the top five trends for companies that will continue to think outside the box in 2020.

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Remote INMETRO certification approved

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, some testing regulations are being altered to ensure medical devices still get to market. To carry out global manufacturers' requests, certifications for the Brazilian market can still be carried out under a new ordinance.

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How to Achieve Bluetooth Qualification

Bluetooth is embedded in many electronic devices, making this low-energy wireless protocol ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It is imperative for Bluetooth device manufacturers to ensure Bluetooth certification as well as conduct prelaunch interoperability testing with existing Bluetooth accessories to help ensure market success. This recorded webinar can show you how to build compliance into your designs and the best process to Bluetooth qualification.

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Advances in interoperability and security for Wi-Fi connected devices

Usability in a wireless world is present everywhere you look. UL implements a reality-based approach to test smart devices for compatibility across a wide range of mobile phones, routers, operating systems and mobile apps to keep us all easily connected.

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Webinar: Introduction to IEC 61010 standard and how it applies to laboratory equipment

Industry expert Paul Evers, discusses the importance of testing medical laboratory equipment, the IEC 61010 standard and how to effectively keep your facilities safe and compliant. This recorded webinar will also offer an opportunity to submit questions directly to the presenter.

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Tips and Tricks: Build Confidence in Your Innovation Approach

Successful companies understand the need to innovate and remain competitive. However, in an unpredictable market with rising consumer expectations, how do they develop the right process or product and bridge the gap between doing and winning?

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LinkedIn Live!

Please join us for a UL LinkedIn Live event on Thursday, May 7 @ 9am CDT. We will be engaging live with our LinkedIn audience on the topic of: COVID-19 Business Continuity for Compliance Professionals – Remote Collaboration Methods.

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