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The Health Sciences Wire - Issue 02

On a monthly basis, we’ll be providing news, insights and analysis on safety testing, inspection and certification issues affecting medical device and healthcare technology developers. This month’s issue will look at UL’s custom testing; tips and tricks to increase speed to market; testing for nurse call and emergency call systems; the recognition of UL’s verified mark; and updates on battery standards and healthcare robotics.

The Health Sciences Wire - Issue 02

February 4, 2020

Custom medical device testing for your products

Comprehensive medical device testing and complete standards compliance review is a process built over time. UL has the ability to use its decades of clinical and regulatory expertise to test to the medical device standards you see across the market.

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Understanding Portable Battery Safety

UL recently published the UL 62133-2:2020 for nickel battery applications and the IEC 62133-2:2017 for portable lithium battery applications. Currently UL 62133:2013 is referenced in AAMI 60601-1 however EN 62133:2013 is being withdrawn as of March 2020.

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Nurse Call and Emergency Call Systems

In order to show compliance with NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, healthcare facilities will be looking for compliance to UL 1069.

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Top five things that cause healthcare product testing delays

In order to prevent delays in your project, we have outlined the top 5 items that cause delays and what can be done to prevent them from being an issue.

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UL’s Verified Mark Will Set Your Product Apart

With your product ready to launch, and marketing having done their part through taglines, packaging, and marketable claims… what now? How can you differentiate your product from the rest of the products on the market?

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Safety Standards in Healthcare Robotics

This white paper summarizes the key aspects of the IEC 80601-2-77, Medical Electrical Equipment standard and provides information on the anticipated adoption of the standard by regulators.

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