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The Health Sciences Wire - Issue 01

On a monthly basis, we’ll be providing news, insights and analysis on safety testing, inspection and certification issues affecting medical device and healthcare technology developers. For our first issue, we examine IEC standards pertinent to healthcare robotics; tips and tricks for List of Critical Components (LoCC) submissions; and updates on UL’s RF and EMC testing capabilities.

The Health Sciences Wire - Issue 01

January 14, 2020

Safety Testing in Healthcare Robotics

As robotics in healthcare becomes more prevalent, important these devices are properly tested for safety, operation and compliance. Read how testing these devices to the IEC 80601-2-77 and IEC 80601-2-78 can increase product and patient safety.

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UL Introduces New Chamber for RF and EMC Testing

UL has introduced a new 10 meter chamber for RF and EMC testing. Learn more on how the new chamber allows UL to test a larger array of equipment and will provide more accurate results.

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List of Critical Components (LoCC)

Learn shortcut to save time and money on you LoCC submissions.

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Validating Medical Device Packaging

Download our white paper on the methods and importance of validation requirements and testing applicable to packaging systems and/or materials used in conjunction with sterile medical devices.

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