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ComplianceWire® Announces Exciting 2023R2 Upgrade Release

ComplianceWire® revamps user interface and compliance tools for superior management and risk mitigation.

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December 5, 2023

ComplianceWire® has just launched its 2023R2 upgrade, boasting significant enhancements for both non-admin and admin users. The official release date is Dec. 2, 2023, marking the full availability of the upgrade to all users.

Key upgrades for enhanced compliance and user experience:

  • Non-admin user enhancements – The release introduces an individual learner dashboard, options for assigning curriculum vitae, and enhanced ELMS learner/manager dashboards with streamlined navigation. It also includes a new feature for adding multiple form signers in a defined sequence, form response history, and smart curriculum rules for improved compliance tracking.
  • Form management and response tracking – This update includes new functionalities for form management, such as the ability to view response history and enhancements in form response entry and retention. These features increase accountability and transparency in form processing and training compliance.
  • Assignment and training flexibility – The upgrade provides new options for curriculum vitae assignments, including by user group, and improved assignment definition UI. This facilitates more tailored and effective training assignments, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Admin-focused improvements – Administrators can now enjoy time-saving features such as bulk user exclusion, a new user status column, and optional grace periods for assignments. The upgrade also introduces an assignment definition entity page, further simplifying management tasks.
  • Audit-ready GxP reporting – Increasing readiness for audits, this upgrade enhances GxP reporting capabilities, an essential aspect for regulatory compliance.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability – The upgrade includes UL Create with single sign-on (SSO) functionality, improved launch behaviors for library courses, and new reporting and audit logging features. These additions aim to prove compliance internally and to external regulators.

The 2023R2 release underscores its commitment to risk-reducing visibility, traceability, and control, making it an even more indispensable tool for the life sciences industry.

About ComplianceWire®

Developed through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and UL Solutions, ComplianceWire® is used in training FDA inspectors and state, local and Tribal inspection partners. Globally, China’s National Medical Products Administration (China NMPA), the Food and Drugs Control Administration for the state of Gujarat in India (Gujarat FDCA), and the Saudi Food and Drug Administration (Saudi FDA) also use ComplianceWire®. More than 600 customers and 3.6 million users in 153 countries count on ComplianceWire® to develop critical pharmaceutical and medical devices that are safer and more effective.


2023R2 ComplianceWire Release Webinar

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