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BULLETIN: Decorative Lighting Strings

July 24, 2017

Decorative lighting strings including holiday, seasonal or Christmas lights can carry potential safety risks when subjected to unforeseen consumer misuse or when they are not manufactured in accordance with UL Solutions' safety requirements. The familiar UL Listing Mark on a product means that UL Solutions engineers have evaluated and tested representative samples of the product for risk of fire, electric shock and other hazards and determined the samples conformance to UL Solutions' requirements. Indoor-use only light strings are marked with UL Solutions green holographic label. Indoor or outdoor-use light strings are marked with UL Solutions red holographic label.

UL Solutions evaluates decorative lighting strings in accordance with the requirements described in the UL / ANSI 588, the Standard for Safety of Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Lighting. The ANSI designation indicates that the American National Standards Institute approves the UL Standard as the American National Standard.

Most retailers will only sell decorative lighting strings that have been evaluated to this Standard.

UL 588 and the Two Strike Program

In order to verify that lighting strings are manufactured in accordance with UL Solutions' requirements, UL Solutions introduced an enhanced factory surveillance program. Under this program, samples are selected from each active manufacturer twice a year for testing.

Various components of the product are subjected to tests at UL Solutions including the wire, plastic material, and lamp holders. If UL Solutions finds a major failure, the product is placed on hold, and the applicant and manufacturer are issued a program nonconformance. This nonconformance is known as a Strike. The manufacturer is not permitted to apply the UL Mark until it can provide a suitable root cause of the failure and put into place the necessary corrective action. The manufacturer will then need to resubmit samples to UL Solutions that were manufactured after the corrective action was put into place and determined to comply with the requirements. The factory is then placed on an increased surveillance program until it is determined that the corrective action has been effectively put into place.

In addition to UL Solutions factory surveillance program, samples of lighting strings may be purchased from the marketplace during the selling season for testing under the UL 588 Market Survey program. If there is a test failure under the program, the applicant and manufacturer are issued a strike. Two strikes occurring within a two-year period result in withdrawal of the applicant and manufacturer and ultimately termination of its use of the UL Listing Mark for decorative lighting strings.

UL Solutions Decorative Light String No Strike List

No Strike List-1: Consists of applicants with manufacturers that have had samples selected during the Market Survey program and have not had a strike under the UL 588 Two Strike Program for a minimum of three consecutive years.

No Strike List-2: Consists of applicants with manufacturers that have not had a strike under the UL 588 Two Strike Program for a minimum of three consecutive years but did not have samples selected during the Market Survey program.

Any questions please contact:
Anthony Tassone
Principal Engineer
Tel: +1.631.546.2943
[email protected]

Decorative Lighting Strings - No Strike List

Revised: July 6, 2022

Decorative Lighting Strings - No Strike List -1

File No. Company Name
E254513 Abundant Resource Development Ltd.
E313650 All Seasons Electronic Lighting Ltd.
E241529 Apex Chance Industry Co. Ltd.
E190242 Bojie Electric Co. Ltd.
E254175 Bortex Industry Co. Ltd.
E126258 Century Marble Trading Co.
E345709 Crownwell Corp. Ltd.
E335294 Dongguan Fuxing Lighting & Gift Co. Ltd.
E209070 Dongguan So Yang Decorative Lighting Ltd.
E505821 Dynagood Industries Ltd.
E320252 Fa Yeung Lighting Co. Ltd.
E310355 Gaze Art Lighting Co. Ltd.
E479944 Ger Min Enterprise Co. Ltd.
E98543 Golden Shine Electric Co. Ltd.
E321244 Golden Vessel Electronic & Lighting Inc.
E127357 Grand Asia Electric Co. Ltd.
E476023 Green Light Co. Ltd.
E63536 H.S. Craft Mfg Co.
E238369 H.S. Craft Mfg Co.
E335499 Hunan Chaoyu Technology Co. Ltd.
E302742 Jia Xin Electric Co. Ltd.
E241906 Keymax Corp.
E115759 Lean Hoon Co. Ltd.
E187219 Leapak Co. Ltd.
E175996 Long Bright Electric Enterprise Co. Ltd.
E233184 Nixan International Ltd.
E144405 Polestar Electric Industries Co. Ltd.
E357826 Santa Joy Ornament
E174972 Shen Shing Electric Co. Ltd.
E65770 So Yang Enterprise Co. Ltd.
E318717 Taizhou Tengyuan Decorative Lighting Co. Ltd.
E359320 TG-Brother Christmas Gift Co. Ltd.
E48723 Toyo Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd.
E361389 Zhangzhou Go Win Lighting Co. Ltd.
E257148 Zhejiang Qianxing Lantern Co. Ltd.
E167352 Zhuguang Group Sanmen Christmas Products Corp.


Decorative Lighting Strings - No Strike List - 2

File No. Company Name
E326856 D Sun Hardware
E468654 Dongguan City How-Lite Lighting Tech Co. Ltd.
E310869 Guangde Ledup Enterprise Inc.
E207908 H.S. Craft Mfg. Co. (Huizhou)
E477725 Heyuan Hong Shu Lighting Co. Ltd.
E188253 Jetmax Ltd.
E305455 Jinjiang Wonderful
E495564 L&H Union Co. Ltd.
E233742 Li Chen Ltd.
E495441 Ningbo Winsun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
E301241 Packo Gift Co. Ltd.
E496900 Xinhao Lites Co. Ltd.
E343888 Yuda Arts Product (Huizhou) Co. Ltd.
E305737 Yun Meng Yun Xi Lighting Co. Ltd.
E119568 Zhejiang General Festival Lanterns Factory