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Basingstoke Consolidation Marks Next Stage in UL’s U.K. Growth Story

Consolidation offers total service solutions and enables faster market access at UL’s largest commercial test laboratory in the United Kingdom.

Basingstoke EMC photo

May 22, 2019

BASINGSTOKE, U.K., May 22, 2019 - UL, a leading global safety science company, announced today that it has consolidated its capabilities in Basingstoke to address the growing demand for testing and regulatory certification services. This significant investment makes it UL’s largest commercial test facility in the United Kingdom. It adds an additional 37,000 square feet to the current facility, tripling its size, of which 15,000 square feet is dedicated to EMC and wireless testing.

As technology continues to advance rapidly, new developments such as 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to significantly alter consumer buying habits and increase awareness of issues, including security and interoperability. As a result, many companies are being left behind as they fail to remain relevant and meet the new standards introduced to protect consumers. This consolidation of services in Basingstoke was driven by these market trends and by requests from UL customers for larger laboratory capacity, shorter test programs and automation, and higher frequency bands – all in one location. These demands speak to the challenges companies are facing today to have their products evaluated in a faster and more efficient way that drastically reduces their time to global markets.

Through the consolidation, UL will provide a broad spectrum of certification types across multiple industries, technologies and geographies from a single location, so that as our customers’ products are asked to be “smarter,” our location adapts to meet those needs. Certification expertise across multiple industries will be focused on one campus, making it easier for companies to have their products evaluated in a faster and more efficient way and therefore, reducing their time to global markets.

"This is an important moment in the development of UL’s compliance services in the U.K. The significant investment in new facilities will offer a one-stop service solution with state-of-the art custom-designed chambers and sourced equipment," said Phil Davies, site leader and general manager for UL’s Consumer Technology division in the EMEA-LA region. "Due to the enormous demand we’ve seen, we’re raising the bar in service excellence, and we hope to continue to strengthen our partnerships with customers through this expansion."

With its proximity to the fast-growing M3 tech corridor, Basingstoke is ideally situated to help UL bring in new talent and work closely with clients as they prepare their products for testing, as well as meeting the necessary regulatory requirements.

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