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Avoid Post UL Mark Process Delays: Get to Know UL Follow-Up Services (FUS)

Avoid post UL Mark process delays: Get to know UL Follow-Up Services (FUS)
March 3, 2020

Your first UL Mark project is in process and/or completed. What is involved with UL Follow-up Services?

As part of the UL Mark program, quarterly follow-up inspections are required to ensure the units with the UL Mark are built as previously tested. You may have questions on the process and what to expect with these visit. In order to assist in understanding what is required during these visit, our website includes the following resources:

  • FU Start Guide
  • Roark calculators
  • Addendum list
  • Guidelines
  • Additional resources

These documents provide information on the process, responsibilities of the manufacturer and resources available to you. In addition to the downloadable documents, you can request a customer assistance, in-house visit. This can be critical to allow you to understand the process and identify items that need to be addressed before your 1st inspection.

If you have any questions regarding UL FUS, or any other UL Mark and testing questions, please contact us for more information.

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