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ASTM Publishes Standards for Handwash and Antibacterial Personal Cleansing Products

December 17, 2015

UNITED STATES - On November 10, 2015, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) published standards intended for hand-wash and anti-bacterial cleaning products.
ASTM E2784 - 10(2015) Standard Test Method for Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Handwash Formulations Using the Paper Towel (Palmar) Method of Hand Contamination This standard evaluates hand-wash products using a palmar surface only contamination method and outlines the following:

  • Test method covers the determination of the effectiveness of antimicrobial handwashing agents for the reduction of transient microbial flora when used in a handwashing procedure
  • A knowledge of microbiological techniques is required for these procedures
  • This test method may be used to evaluate topical antimicrobial handwash formulations
  • Performance of this procedure requires the knowledge of regulations pertaining to the protection of human subjects

ASTM E1883 - 02(2015) Standard Test Method for Assessment of an Antibacterial Handwash Product by Multiple Basin Wash Technique

  • This standard specifies the procedure should be used for in vivo evaluation of the performance of antibacterial handwash products that are intended to reduce the skin micro flora following repeated use
  • The standard applies for testing all forms of topical antimicrobial handwash formulations

ASTM E2752 - 10(2015) Guide for Evaluation of Residual Effectiveness of Antibacterial Personal Cleansing Products

The standard provides a guide to demonstrate the effectiveness of an antibacterial personal cleansing product in reducing the numbers of a marker organism (representing transients) both immediately and after prolonged exposure to (cleansing) washing when used as recommended under simulated use conditions.