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Appliance Advisor, 2018, Issue 1

Stay in the know with real time appliance, HVAC/R and water industry updates from UL.

close up of steel pot on a gas stove top

April 4, 2018

Featured article

  • UL Offers Certification for European Gas Cooking

Also in this issue

  • Appliance Standards
  • Letter from Alessio Dellanoca
  • Upcoming UL Education and Training for the Appliances Industry
  • UL Creates a Building Automation Controls and System Category (CLSB)
  • UL Opens Center of Excellence Laboratory for Appliances, Lighting and HVAC in Carugate, Italy
  • Environmental Impact of Water Products
  • A First-of-its-Kind Certification from UL
  • Standards Corner
  • Global Market Access Corner
    • Middle East, G-Mark – UL LLC in the USA Becomes Notified Body
    • Middle East, G-Mark – Restriction of Scope for Washing Machines and Dryers Above 10 kg
    • Japan, PSE Specified Products Mark – UL Expands Capability
    • European Union – Upcoming Standard Changes for Appliances Products
    • European Union – Energy Labelling Regulation (EU) 2017/1369
    • Middle East, Saudi Arabia – SASO Initial Scope Confirmed
  • Tradeshows and Webinars

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Appliance Advisor Q1 2018 - Issue 1

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