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Appliance Advisor, 2017, Issue 1

Stay in the know with real time appliance, HVAC/R and water industry updates from UL.

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April 7, 2017

Featured Article

  • New Challenges for Appliances Connected to Drinkable Water Mains: Feeling the Impact of the EN 61770 Update

Also in this issue

  • Letter From Alessio 

  • Upcoming UL Education and Training for the Appliances 

  • UL is a Central Figure at the First Meeting of the GSO Notified Bodies Cooperation Group 

  • White Paper: Update – Revisiting Flammable Refrigerants 

  • News Update: UL Approved for NOx Testing

  • Join the UL Water Group on LinkedIn

  • Securing Peace of Mind – Operators and Access Control
  • New Requirements for Worker Safety - HVAC UV Germicidal Irradiation UV-C Fixtures

  • Standards Corner

  • Tradeshows and Events

  • Webinars

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