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What's Ahead for Compliance of Connected Devices? 

Staying ahead of regulatory complexity 

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By 2030, the number of connected devices is expected to grow to 125 billion. And yet, today, the regulatory framework that governs IoT tech is nascent at best. But due to the rapid proliferation of this technology and cybersecurity threats, consumers are clamoring for help and regulators are responding with standards and requirements.

In our new e-book, “The Next Wave: Opportunities for Connected Devices,” we cover topics relevant for connected device designers and manufacturers — including how to anticipate compliance needs as regulations emerge and evolve.

Here are some of the key developments regarding compliance specific to IoT: 

  • As of 2023, few states and retailers maintain standards regarding connected devices — and those that exist don’t go far enough.
  • However, both European and U.S. regulators are developing security criteria covering consumer IoT products. 
  • While these requirements are not yet slated to be mandatory, such baseline standards set the stage for legally binding rules in the future.
  • Another area of emerging regulation is ESG. As investors, consumers and regulators reckon with environmental and social needs, it is anticipated that the importance of transparent, thorough ESG reporting will grow in importance.

As you strive to adapt in a changing regulatory environment, UL Solutions can guide your journey. Our expertise with IoT connected devices spans all industries, from industrial sensors to healthtech to HVAC and beyond. Learn how our approach can help you prepare for change and demonstrate complete compliance with any and all relevant regulations.  

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