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Protect Data Security and Boost Buyer Confidence

What manufacturers need to do about IoT risks today 

Father and his child are touching a IoT device.

Thanks to the proliferation of connected devices throughout our homes, workplaces, and society at large, the risk of cybersecurity breaches has never been higher. And both companies and consumers are concerned. For companies, a breach of data can be devastating, to both business and brand. Consumers are worried about identity theft, financial crimes and more. But while there’s still a lot of work to do in this area, both companies and consumers can take proactive steps to secure data.

In our new e-book, “The Next Wave: Opportunities for Connected Devices,” we explore three key security areas that deserve the attention of connected device designers and manufacturers:

  • Anticipating regulatory change: Only a few retailers and municipalities have clear cybersecurity regulations. Globally, these protocols simply don't go far enough to protect data in today’s more hostile landscape, especially for areas such as smart home devices. But this is changing soon, with a push for standardization coming from European and American regulators. Manufacturers need to start making changes now in anticipation of these standards.
  • Reassuring fearful consumers: Consumers are savvy about safety and security risks and look for extra security assurance when making purchasing decisions. Learn about certifications to pursue for your smart products and how to market those achievements to your buyers.
  • Help users help themselves: Encourage users to take basic precautions that can go a long way to safeguard data. We’ve put together a list of excellent tips that are appropriate for consumers and business organizations.

UL Solutions has an extensive track record of working closely with connected device designers and manufacturers to proactively address cybersecurity vulnerabilities across the entire supply chain. Learn how you can address threats now while also anticipating coming changes. 

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The Next Wave: Opportunities for Connected Devices

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