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UL Solutions EV battery and ESS Services in Changzhou, China

Learn about the comprehensive electric vehicle battery and energy storage system testing and certification services UL Solutions provides at our laboratory in Changzhou, China.

Electric car with battery visible charging at a public charger in city parking lot

As the electric vehicle (EV) sector continues to grow and innovate, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), manufacturers and suppliers must stay current on technical developments as well as the changing regulatory landscape. Partnering with the experts at a trusted third-party laboratory and certification body can help the entire industrial chain enhance product safety and performance, minimize development cycles and streamline the path to market.

UL Solutions electric vehicle battery and energy storage system testing and certification

UL Solutions supports your efforts to deliver safer, higher-performing technologies to the global marketplace. Our expert technical knowledge of EV battery and energy storage system (ESS) safety concerns can help you understand how your products will perform with anticipated usage and in various hazardous scenarios during discharge and recharge cycles. Our component testing, certification and surveillance services help you enhance the integrity of your supply chain and facilitate the seamless introduction of products into the global marketplace.  

UL Solutions EV battery and ESS testing laboratory in Changzhou, China

At our facilities in Changzhou, our experts can help you bolster consumer confidence that your products meet safety and performance requirements. Our comprehensive offerings include testing and certification services for batteries, high-voltage components, charging facilities and performance materials. We also offer full-service functional safety advisory services and compliance services.

Read our infographic to learn more about the wide range of EV and ESS services we offer at our facility in Changzhou, China.

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UL Solutions EV and ESS battery laboratory in Changzhou

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