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Reducing the Fire Hazard of Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

As the popularity of pre-lit Christmas trees has grown and the size of these trees has continued to increase, it is necessary to review and adjust safety requirements to address the increased fire fuel load of the materials used to manufacture pre-lit trees.

A living room with pre-lit Christmas tree and other lit decorations

As the holiday season approaches, consumers and businesses alike will decide whether to decorate using live, natural Christmas trees or pre-lit artificial ones. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics, Christmas trees of all types present a safety risk during the holiday season. There is a strong, well-known safety message that a live tree must be kept well-watered to reduce the risk of a fire. Unfortunately, the fire safety message is not as clear for a pre-lit artificial tree. Understanding key safety concerns for pre-lit artificial trees is equally important because these trees can also be a significant source of fuel if ignited.

Early safety research regarding pre-lit artificial Christmas trees

UL’s safety certification program for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees is an important tool that allows manufacturers and retailers to provide consumers with clear, objective information on the safety of their products. Certifying pre-lit artificial trees to the requirements of UL 2358 and UL 588 ultimately helps consumers choose safer products and increases overall safety.

In this UL white paper, you will learn:

  • The research behind UL 2358
  • Fire performance criteria in UL 2358
  • Changes to UL 2358
  • Recommendations for manufacturers
  • The benefits of UL 2358 Certification
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Reducing the Fire Hazard of Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

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