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Curtailment Mitigation via Energy Storage: Revenue Recovery

Learn how adding energy storage to a wind or solar project can significantly mitigate the effects of curtailment from extreme weather events and grid congestion and help recover lost revenue.

Concept of energy storage with solar panels and wind turbines

The world continues to accelerate the development of renewable energy generation to combat climate change. Because renewable energy generators are intermittent resources — sometimes the wind blows and the sun shines when the grid doesn’t need more power – this can sometimes lead to an over-supply of electricity where facilities like wind or solar plants have to reduce the amount of energy they are producing. This is called curtailment – intentionally reducing the amount of renewable energy a facility can deliver. Curtailment impacts a wind or solar facility's revenue, and of course, the owners want their facilities to operate at the highest possible capacity factor.

This white paper examines the yearly increasing renewable energy curtailment, how to manage intermittent renewable generation and mitigate curtailment at new and existing wind and solar photovoltaic facilities. Learn how energy storage devices, particularly BESS, are some of the most versatile and flexible asset solutions.

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White Paper: Curtailment mitigation with energy storage - a revenue recovery case study

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