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Healthcare Providers

Data safety testing and training for healthcare patients and employees

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In today’s healthcare landscape, protecting and managing an individual’s data are key components of patient safety and health. We are dedicated to protecting patient and employee data through testing for healthcare systems and offering software tools to decrease your administrative burdens so you can focus on important day-to-day provider tasks. Through our diverse array of offerings, we enable you to spend more time with your patients.

Healthcare data protection

Connected and handheld medical devices are commonly used to collect and store patient data. We offer cybersecurity risk management solutions that help safeguard Personal Health Information (PHI). We also provide occupational health and safety software, electronic medical records (EMR) and patient health software solutions.  We deliver tests and training for:

  • Our UL 2900 cybersecurity standard
  • Interoperability / usability
  • Employee health records
Occupational health management software

Clinics, hospital systems, and other healthcare facilities need to track and manage large volumes of vital patient and employee data every day. They also need to communicate effectively with organizations who trust them to manage their employee health. It is increasingly critical for provider team members to be able to spend time with patients while managing employee health and medical compliance and improving organizational productivity. These providers use our occupational health software solutions (OHM, SYSTOC®, PureOHS™) to streamline administrative efforts for areas including:

  • Vaccination and program management
  • Case management and return-to-work
  • Patient scheduling and billing
  • OSHA and CDC internal compliance


Our services for healthcare providers provide extensive learning and management opportunities. We deliver administrative effectiveness education and software solutions for more proficient data and time management. Our solutions empower your provider team and organization to keep employees safe and well, track workplace health and improve process efficiency.

Why UL

  • We operate in more than 100 countries, and our reports and certifications are recognized and accepted around the world.
  • We have helped to set more than 1,600 Standards defining safety, security, quality and sustainability.
  • We offer field evaluations, on-site training and can come to you for testing.
  • We have an FDA-recognized consensus Standard, UL 2900, for cybersecurity.


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