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Apr 14, 2021
  • Webinar

The Importance of Using Certified Plastics for Additive Manufacturing

Understand UL’s certification program for plastics in additive manufacturing and how it can help lead to faster product compliance evaluations.

UL Blue Card surrounded by 3D printing examples

Date & Time


Apr 14, 2021 11:00am CST


12:00pm CST



UL's independent research investigated the safety-critical performance properties of 3D printed samples against injection-molded samples. Researchers identified significant variations and concluded that performance ratings from traditional manufacturing techniques cannot be applied when the same material is used in 3D printing.

The findings have been used to develop an independent program for evaluating and qualifying plastics intended for 3D printing, helping additive manufacturing (AM) stakeholders mitigate risk and deliver quality and performance.

Primary topics:

  • Effects of 3D printing on ignition, flammability and dielectric strength
  • Applying preselection of materials for faster product compliance
  • The Blue Card explained — plastics used for additive manufacturing
  • Certifying 3D printed products and components

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