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Celebrating our customers’ achievements


Our progress in 2022 was powered by our commitment to collaborating with our customers to imagine possibilities, identify opportunities and solve challenges. We are continually inspired by our customers' innovations and are proud to partner with them.

Safeguarding our customers' confidential information assets

kVA by UL Solutions, a technical and management advisory group focused on functional and autonomy safety, evaluates our customers’ products for safety and also values and protect our customers’ confidential data and personal information. kVA by UL achieved the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for our information security management system, demonstrating that our information security framework designed to safeguard our customers’ information assets meets the most stringent security standards.

Supporting our customers' progress in achieving carbon neutrality goals

Waste diversion has become a critical part of a company's carbon journey, and UL Solutions proudly supports our customers, including semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries® (GF), as they take steps toward their carbon neutrality goals. In our UL Solutions Environmental Claim Validation program, we use precision waste tracking and management to help our customers measure and validate their statements about reduced and diverted waste. In April, 2022, GF’s Singapore site became the first semiconductor manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia to be validated to UL 2799, the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill.

Helping construction product manufacturers maintain access to EU and U.K. markets after Brexit

In the wake of Brexit, England, Scotland and Wales transitioned from requiring the CE marking to requiring the UKCA marking on regulated products by Jan. 1, 2023. UL Solutions has supported manufacturers through this change. Our bundled Construction Products Regulation (CPR)-related safety testing and certification services for CE (EU) and UKCA (U.K.) markings enable our customers to maintain post-Brexit market access for power, control and communication cables for permanent installation in buildings while saving time and money. 

“Trust is core to any relationship, and we believe ingredient transparency is very important. That’s why we worked with UL Solutions to obtain objective and independent third-party verification for the ingredients in our dietary supplements and vitamins. With this new verification, consumers can trust that our vitamins contain exactly what is listed on the nutritional and supplement facts panel, building on our reputation as a trusted name in health and wellness.” 

  • Luke Rauch
  • Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Walgreens


Walgreens builds trust in the accuracy of its vitamin and supplement labels with UL Marketing Claim Verification Mark

Consumers are rightfully concerned about the ingredient accuracy and quality of the supplements they take. We can help allay this concern with the UL Marketing Claim Verification — an objective, science-based assessment and confirmation that the ingredients are as stated on the nutritional or supplement facts panel on the product’s label. Walgreens, a leading integrated healthcare pharmacy and retailer, earned a UL Verified Mark. This is the first time the UL Verified Mark will appear on vitamin and supplement packaging.

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Elevating ethical sourcing criteria for ocean-bound plastics

The Ocean Conservancy and the Pew Research Center found that more than 11 million metric tons of plastics enter oceans each year, and that rate is estimated to triple by 2040. By harvesting ocean-bound plastic waste and recycling it before it enters waterways, companies and municipalities can improve outcomes for at-risk communities, reduce ocean plastic pollution and help create a sustainable new revenue stream for local economies. In collaboration with OceanCycle, UL Solutions updated UL 2809, Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Recycled Content and ethical sourcing criteria for ocean-bound plastics to drive greater clarity and trust surrounding ocean and ocean-bound plastics.

Gaining momentum in the European renewable energy market

According to WindEurope, around 105 GW of new wind energy capacity will be installed across Europe over the next five years. The Polish Wind Energy Association estimates the country has the potential to develop up to 24 GW of onshore wind by 2035, while Spain is aiming to install 50 GW of capacity by 2030. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy enlisted UL Solutions to certify a range of turbines in line with grid codes ahead of the 2022 rollout in Europe. This certification means that Siemens Gamesa can now sell and activate turbines in expanding European markets, helping the region advance toward a significant, renewable clean energy source.

IoTechWorld Avigation elevates drone safety in India

Unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, have the power to transform a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to healthcare. The Indian Ministry for Civil Aviation for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CSUAS) established an impartial third-party conformity assessment framework to scale and support safe and secure access to Indian airspace for drones. After receiving the Quality Council of India’s provisional approval as a certification body under the CSUAS, UL Solutions launched services to evaluate drones to CSUAS’s framework at our Bengaluru, India, facilities. We assessed IoTechWorld Avigation’s AGRIBOT drone, which received the first certification of this type from India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Communicating fire door safety with UL China Mark

Shanghai Yvkui Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (SYK), a globally integrated supplier of mid- and top-tier door products rooted in public architecture, maintains protecting the public as its core focus. SYK’s wooden fire doors earned the UL China Mark, making it the first fire door to carry that distinction. UL Solutions launched our UL China Mark program in 2019 to help customers bring safety requirement-compliant fire doors to the market in China.


Driving consumer confidence in the reliable performance of AI-enabled appliances

Appliances enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) offer sustainability, safety and ease-of-use benefits to consumers, but they only reach their potential when consumers have confidence that they perform as promised. When appliances rely on algorithms for special features, those algorithms must be able to reliably produce a predictable outcome. The UL Marketing Claim Verification Program for Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Reproducibility is a first-of-its-kind offering that helps establish the accuracy of claims about an algorithm’s performance in an AI-enabled product. LG Electronics worked with UL Solutions to obtain independent verification of the reproducibility of their laundry products’ performance and marketing claims. We verified the reproducibility of these claims, making LG Electronics the first in the home appliance industry to receive the UL Marketing Claim Verification for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithm Reproducibility.

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Overcoming lead-acid battery system safety concerns

Battery energy storage systems pose unique challenges related to product and public safety. UL Solutions testing and certification services help customers reduce the complexities of bringing safer battery energy storage systems to the global market. BAE USA’s stationary lead-acid battery energy storage system was the first to earn certification to the third edition of ANSI/CAN/UL 1973, the Standard for Batteries for Use in Stationary and Motive Auxiliary Power Applications, which addresses lead-acid batteries through an evaluation program that provides an alternative approach to evaluating valve-regulated or vented lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries for stationary applications.

Simplifying fire-resistant cable market access in the UAE

To import, manufacture or sell fire safety products in the UAE and other countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, manufacturers must demonstrate that their products meet safety requirements through testing and certification through an approved testing laboratory and certification body. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Civil Defense approved UL Solutions’ Abu Dhabi cable fire safety and performance laboratory to test the safety and performance of fire-resistance cables. Having the support of local experts and local testing capacity simplifies UAE fire-resistant cable market access. From this laboratory, we can help manufacturers in the Middle East evaluate product safety and fire resistance performance, reduce logistical challenges and shipping costs, and meet the region’s demand for compliant, fire-resistant cables.

“Indoor air quality is a rapidly growing concern, and RCI and Reza Hygiene are committed to finding new ways to make their products more sustainable for healthier indoor environments. Achieving UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification of our KG2 Cleaner and Sanitiser marks a step forward for product and supply chain sustainability in Saudi Arabia.” 

  • Ahmed Al Serisarie
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Reza Chemical Industries

Demonstrating a commitment to healthier indoor environments

As chemical manufacturers worldwide strive to improve the sustainability and health impacts of their products and operations, Reza Chemical Industries (RCI) and its partner, Reza Hygiene, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, are searching for ways to demonstrate their commitment to healthier indoor environments. Their KG2 Cleaner and Sanitizer products received UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification to UL 2820, the GREENGUARD Certification Program for Chemical Emissions for Cleaners and Cleaning Maintenance Systems. The UL GREENGUARD Certification Program tests products to rigorous chemical emissions standards to help customers demonstrate healthier indoor environments; UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification requires products to meet more stringent criteria for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

Improving environmental stewardship reporting accuracy and transparency

UL Solutions has joined forces with SK Ecoplant, an environmental services and renewable energy company based in Seoul, South Korea, to help companies improve the accuracy and transparency of zero-waste-to-landfill and environmental stewardship reporting. SK Ecoplant will collect and analyze data, including parameters for UL 2799, the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill, to help guide companies to further their circular economy ambitions. The synergistic efforts of UL Solutions and SK Ecoplant will help companies better understand their progress toward eliminating waste and pollution while contributing to natural regeneration.

Expanding product fire safety testing capability in the Middle East

Based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, GCC Labs helps strengthen major manufacturing in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the surrounding region by offering cost-effective and world-class testing and certification services to promote equipment safety, reliability and efficiency. UL Solutions is working in collaboration with GCC Labs’ safety arm to help advance fire safety in the region. Combining the safety science expertise, market access knowledge and the global resources that UL Solutions offers with the fire safety testing skills and competency of GCC Labs, the collaboration enhances the product certification journey for the Middle East market while improving customer access to a local test facility. GCC Labs’ fire testing laboratories offer broad capabilities, including fire resistance, containment testing, building inspections, building envelope testing and advisory services.

Fostering medical technology manufacturers’ human factors engineering expertise

Human factors engineering (HFE) processes can help improve the safety and effectiveness of medical devices by reducing the risk of use errors and enhancing user experience. Incorporating HFE processes into medical device development also helps medical technology manufacturers meet regulatory requirements in key global markets. However, establishing strong HFE expertise in-house can prove time-consuming and costly. Emergo by UL launched a web-based platform, Optimal Product Usability Suite™ (OPUS), to help accelerate the process while reducing costs. OPUS features training, templates and tools that empower medical technology companies to build their internal HFE capabilities in an efficient and scalable way.


Healthy Buildings

The UL Verified Healthy Building program is a comprehensive framework that provides evaluation against a set of metrics that impact human health and wellness: indoor air quality, water quality, building hygiene, lighting and acoustics. Customers that achieve a UL Verified Healthy Building Mark demonstrate their commitment to health and wellness — with the independent data to back it up.


To support customers’ needs, our Field Engineering team — a global network of 1,000+ field engineers — enables rapid scaling to provide on-site audit and inspection services. As an example, this year, our Field Engineering team efficiently supported our ability to conduct indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency audits to help building owners demonstrate their support for occupant health and well-being.



Verified Healthy Building Milestones


RMZ Infinity building

RMZ Infinity | Bengaluru, India
UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air


KBS building

KBS | Multiple U.S. Locations
UL Verified Healthy Building Mark


The Brick Company building

The Brick Companies | Multiple U.S. Locations
UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air


CIM Property Group building

CIM Group Properties | Multiple U.S. Locations
UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air


WashREIT builidng

WashREIT | Multiple U.S. Locations
BREEAM certification

Honeywell building

Honeywell | Multiple U.S. Locations
UL Verified Healthy Building Program


Microsoft demonstrates smart building performance with UL Verified SPIRE Smart Building Rating

Businesses now consider smart building needs in the context of complex new influences, ranging from decarbonization of physical assets to the introduction of robotics into the built environment. Additionally, recent health concerns prompt building operators to prioritize smart building systems’ ability to help keep occupants safe. The UL Verified SPIRE Smart Building Rating provides insight into smart building performance and helps our building operator customers in a wide variety of industries and building types communicate their commitment to occupants’ health and wellbeing. In 2022, multiple buildings across Microsoft corporate campuses in Washington, Costa Rica, Ireland and India have received a three-star UL Verified SPIRE Smart Building Rating — the highest program rating to date. Microsoft’s facilities in Ireland, Costa Rica and India are the first buildings outside of the U.S. to achieve a SPIRE rating.

Verifying aerosol removal efficiency in the built environment

The indoor environment’s impact on human health is a top priority as communities return to shared spaces. In the past, the limited availability of assessment tools prevented building owners and operators from being able to verify occupied spaces’ infectious aerosol removal rate. Now, our groundbreaking UL Verified Ventilation and Filtration program combines a comprehensive desktop review with field evaluation of real-world performance of aerosol removal in the built environment. With the UL Verified Ventilation and Filtration Mark, building operators and owners can harness our market-leading science and technology to communicate their building’s aerosol removal rate and build occupants’ trust.