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Product Formulation Workbench™

Integrate formulation and regulatory workflows to streamline product development from concept to shelf.

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Accelerate innovation and get to market faster

As part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions, Product Formulation Workbench™ helps brands easily navigate complex retailer program rules and dynamic regulatory landscapes. Empower your R&D team to quickly assess formulations early in the product design process by screening them for potential regulatory or market access concerns.

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How it works:

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Select requirements

Chose which retailer, restricted substance lists and regulatory requirements must be met to fulfill your product brief criteria.




Design or upload your formulations utilizing our multi-level bill of materials capability and curated substance library. 




Immediately see if your formulations meet the selected requirements and easily identify problematic ingredients or chemicals. 




Optimize ingredient selection for compliance, transparency and sustainability goals. 




Efficiently communicate formulas, ingredient catalogs and supplier information with other teams.



Stay ahead of evolving requirements

Quickly assess the impact of new or updated requirements on your products to assist in reformulation.


Formulate like a regulatory and retail program expert

Enable your team with access to continuously updated retail and regulatory guidance on ingredients in their formulations. This will help cut out tedious research and drive greater productivity. In addition, you can see specific reasons why an ingredient may fail to qualify for a retail program or regulatory requirement, helping you to adapt in real-time.

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Reduce rework and product design risk

Designing product formulations that meet downstream market access and retailer requirements can be a challenge for R&D teams. Without proper tools, teams often rely on spreadsheets and internet searches when developing products. Upfront screening with Product Formulation Workbench can make your teams more efficient, as well as reduce the risk of costly rework at later stages of product development.

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Secure and collaborative workspace

Build, manage, screen and share formulations with internal stakeholders in a secured sandbox environment.

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Trusted regulatory expertise

UL Solutions has over 80 global regulatory experts who continuously update our formulation software and systems for reliable and up-to-date information.

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Direct retailer program information

Leading retailers trust UL Solutions software as the foundation of their chemical policy and clean product programs. This means you have the most direct and up-to-date information for screening against these requirements. 

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Custom and brand specific evaluation capabilities

Build custom evaluation capabilities based on organization and brand-specific criteria.


Ready to streamline your product design process?

Contact us now to speak with a solutions expert about our formulation software.


Ready to streamline your product design process?

Contact us now to speak with a solutions expert about our formulation software.

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