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Solve your performance testing challenges with the robust capabilities of our benchmarking solutions for professional use.

Professional solutions for performance benchmarking

From configuring hardware to making purchasing choices, critical business decisions are driven by benchmark data. Software intended for consumer use may not be robust enough to meet your business needs. Our benchmarking solutions for professional users provide advanced functions and capabilities, delivering accurate, consistent and impartial results you can trust.

UL Procyon benchmark suite features

The UL Procyon® benchmark suite offers a range of benchmarks and performance tests. Each is designed for a specific use case and uses real applications when possible. All tests in the suite share a common design and feature set that makes it easy to consistently measure PC and mobile hardware performance.

UL Procyon advantages by industry

The UL Procyon benchmark suite broadly supports performance testing needs across multiple industries:

mobile data

Consumer electronics retailers – Understand and confidently communicate the performance and capabilities of different PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With our data and insights complementing your own sales material, you can help price-conscious consumers maximize their buying budget, enhancing customer satisfaction.

laptop data

Hardware industry manufacturers and their suppliers – Use our solutions to measure performance during product development and demonstrate the strengths of your products to purchasers.

mobile data

Enterprise IT – Use Procyon benchmarks to define and measure performance requirements, choose the right technology for the best price and automate performance monitoring and management.

mobile data

Media – Support your reporting and reviews of the latest PC and mobile technology with performance testing tools that are accurate, relevant, standardized and easy to use.

government data

Public sector – Comply with laws and guidelines that ensure vendor-neutral procurement of goods and services, with reporting that substantiates purchasing decisions. UL Solutions supports qualifying public-sector organizations with complimentary benchmark licenses and advice for IT procurement and tendering processes.

PC life cycle management for office, hybrid and remote workers

Our Testdriver® benchmark automation platform simplifies endpoint performance benchmarking by helping you test and monitor PC systems in multiple locations remotely. With features designed for IT professionals who manage large computing environments, Testdriver offers easy configuration, quick setup, and convenient, cloud-based control. 

  • Save time and effort with cloud-based, centrally managed, automated remote testing.
  • Track the organizational health of your PC assets with performance baselines for each system.
  • Uncover performance insights and trends with proactive monitoring and easy reporting.

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Benchmark Development Program

As we build out the UL Procyon benchmark suite, adding additional benchmarks and testing options, we will continue to work closely with our industry partners to ensure that every Procyon benchmark is accurate, relevant and impartial.

The Benchmark Development Program (BDP) is a UL Solutions initiative for building partnerships with technology companies. The objective of the BDP is to create relevant and impartial benchmarks by working in close cooperation with program members.

BDP members can gain a deep understanding of benchmark workloads, right down to the source code, and provide input at every stage of benchmark development from the initial specification to the final release.


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