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ParkCheck for Software Architecture

Understand if your system or software architecture is suitable to support your business goals and discover opportunities for improvement.

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System and software architecture provides the structure for a system’s components and the interactions among them. It guides fundamental development decisions that impact a company’s ability to succeed in the market. The architecture must meet both business requirements and customer needs. Companies involved in software and systems design face diverse challenges, including:

  • Understanding their current architecture’s risks and opportunities for improvement.
  • Understanding how well their architecture is suited to support their business goals.
  • Confirming that their architecture supports the required quality characteristics (such as safety and security requirements and rapid delivery of a new functionality) to help mitigate risks.
  • Confirming that their new or existing products’ architecture provides a solid foundation for further development.
  • Evaluating whether and how architecture needs to change after requirements have changed significantly.



ParkCheck for Software Architecture

UL Solutions Software Intensive Systems can help. We offer interactive ParkCheck for Software Architecture workshops that provide participants with a deep understanding of competing, architecturally significant requirements, how they are addressed by the architecture, and the related risks and improvement opportunities.



The ParkCheck process 

Our workshops are designed for product and project managers, system and software architects, systems and requirements engineers, and software developers. We offer ParkCheck for Software Architecture in the following workshop formats:


Launch Workshop  

This one-day workshop sets you on the right track for effective architectural analysis. We will cover relevant architecture analysis methods, discuss analysis goals and provide you with the information you need to determine which methods will be most effective in helping you achieve the analysis goals. At the end of the workshop, you have a tailored approach to efficient and effective architecture analysis that can help you build higher-quality, more successful products.

Scenario-Based Architecture Analysis

Whether your architecture is suitable or contains unacceptable risks can only be determined in the context of business goals and quality requirements. Scenario-Based Architecture Analysis engages stakeholders and architects to consider how well the architecture supports business goals. Stakeholders work to reach a common view on business goals, the specific quality requirements derived from these goals and how these requirements are addressed by architectural concepts.

Scenario-Based Architecture Analysis can help you understand which approaches involve risks and which approaches are well suited to your goals. Our analysis team will provide specific suggestions for architectural improvements.

The analysis starts with a workshop during which we reach a common understanding of quality goals and requirements and perform a preliminary analysis of the architectural approaches. This workshop is followed by an in-depth analysis by the UL Solutions Software Intensive Systems team in close collaboration with your architecture team. The analysis is concluded with a workshop during which our analysis team presents their results and discusses improvement measures with your team. We provide a detailed report of the analysis results.


Architecture Methodology Checkup  

A systematic, methodically sound approach to architecture design is key to delivering high-quality products successfully and repeatedly. 

In this workshop, we analyze key process areas such as architecture documentation and communication, architectural decision making, analysis of architecturally significant requirements, and technical debt management. The workshop is designed to help deepen your understanding of the strengths and opportunities forco improvement in your architecture methodology. 

Architecture Documentation Checkup 

Architecture documentation plays a crucial role in aligning development teams, but teams may neglect it due to development project time pressures. Our experts analyze your architecture documentation and provide specific recommendations on how to achieve well-structured, understandable and maintainable architecture documentation that is effective and efficient. 

Quality Scenario Workshop 

Are you in the early stages of product development, lacking specific quality goals and requirements to guide your architecture design? This one-day workshop brings together stakeholders to elicit and specify quality requirements that are suitable input to the architecture design. 

Customers can also put together aspects of various ParkCheck workshops to address their specific needs. We hold these workshops separately but in a timely manner.





Why choose our ParkCheck Architecture workshops?

UL Solutions Software Intensive Systems applies our knowledge and experience in software and systems engineering for complex, innovative products to offer a robust portfolio of process-based product engineering, high-quality software development, training and consulting services focused on the safety-critical aspects of automotive, medical and other regulated industries. ParkChecks are executed by active practitioners who have deep experience in their field as well as extensive training and coaching skills.




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