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Training and Advisory Services for Manufacturers and Service Providers

We believe that knowledge drives innovation and growth, which is why we offer a variety of educational courses via seminars, in-person classes, webinars and e-learning.

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As part of our mission to make the world a safer place, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with you —our customers. That’s why we offer training and advisory services to manufacturers and service providers. You and your employees can learn how to develop safer products and create safer work environments by tapping into our expertise.

Led by an experienced team of subject matter experts, our training is delivered through seminars, webinars and e-learning. You can also access UL Solutions Knowledge Solutions (formerly known as UL University), which provides participants with useful insights about current industry regulations and standards. If you have specific training needs, we are more than capable of customizing (or privatizing) our curriculum and advisory services upon request.

Our training and advisory services offer:

Real-world knowledge – information, tools and techniques you can put into practice

Tailored training – courses that are customized to your specific needs

Competitive advantage – a curriculum that is regularly updated with the latest industry-critical information

Industry-leading advice – subject matter experts that are enthusiastic about knowledge-sharing


In today’s fast-moving global marketplace, training is more important than ever. By keeping you on top of the latest developments, UL Solutions can help keep your business at the cutting edge. Gaining this type of insightful,industry-specific knowledge will help ensure that you and your employees retain the skills and resources necessary to anticipate and adapt to change—a critical component to your success.

Why UL Solutions

Our comprehensive training and advisory services are designed to foster innovation, enhance product and process quality, enable safety and, most importantly, help you meet your business goals. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to align our training and advisory services with your specific needs. Plus, our database of resources is unparalleled in the industry, so we can offer training on almost any topic you choose. Whether you prefer in-person sessions, on-demand webinars or e-learning classes, our courses our delivered in a variety of ways. This enables you to choose a learning style that’s right for you.


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