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Sustainability Advisory Services

Companies today need to translate environmental leadership into greater market share and increased profitability. Our experts help identify and capture market opportunities, manage risks, and reduce costs through their sustainability initiatives.

Fishbone diagram describing considerations that go into engineering sustainably


We can help you establish a sustainability strategy, validate your achievements and communicate your progress to the market. 

Circular economy

Moving from a linear economy mindset to a more sustainable, circular approach that eliminates waste and keeps materials in productive use can uncover significant hidden value. We can provide businesses with tangible, meaningful and actionable steps today, while positioning them for leadership in the future through certifications and validations of circular economy approaches, and advisory and performance management. Learn how UL can help companies on their journey to circularity. 

Innovative claims

Claim Validations provide assurance and confidence about the sustainability claims you are taking to market. If your company has a unique sustainability product claim or program, we can develop a custom protocol to validate those achievements. This helps you communicate your achievements without the risk of making unverified claims in the marketplace. Set yourself apart with first-to-market claims, backed by a reputable third-party like UL. 

Zero waste

Reducing waste and diverting waste from landfills is equal parts sustainability and smart business. We offer three landfill waste diversion claim validations to recognize companies that handle waste in environmentally responsible and innovative ways — from energy production via incineration to reuse, recycling and composting. 

Greener Product Framework

Purchasers are driving demand for healthier, more sustainable products. As a result, manufacturers are evolving their product offerings to be more sustainable than previous versions, or more sustainable than their competitors. A Greener Product Framework can enable improvement of the sustainability footprint of products in a measurable and meaningful way. Our advisory team can help companies establish a Greener Product Framework, evaluate adherence to the Greener Product Framework and look at ways to embed sustainability into new product design at the early stages of product development. 

Sustainable Company Certification to UL 880

Our enterprise-level sustainability certification program can help you demonstrate your sustainability commitments and achievements to their stakeholders, investors, customers and employees. The UL 880 Standard for Sustainable Company Certification covers five domains of sustainability including sustainability governance, environment, workplace, customers and suppliers, and social and community engagement. The program is composed of four indicator types:  inventories and baselines, policies and procedures, performance and reporting. Indicators are further categorized into prerequisites, core indicators and leadership indicators. 

Evaluation of health-based risks in supply chains 

We can help retailers navigate regulatory risks and support their supply chains by developing custom monitoring and risk assessments, such as compliance to California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase II formaldehyde limits. We are uniquely positioned with subject matter experts to advise on global regulations, and conduct testing and certification. 


UL Environment’s Advisory Services helps companies translate environmental leadership into greater market share and increased profitability. Our experts engage with organizations to identify and capture market opportunities, manage risks, and reduce costs through their sustainability initiatives. . 

Why UL

Our advisory team can help you establish a sustainability strategy, validate your achievements, and communicate your progress to the market. Our experts have deep knowledge and experience to help you better understand how to leverage sustainability to impact your business and turn your efforts into market value. 

Businesses today are facing complex, interrelated challenges and companies are looking to circular economy initiatives to prepare for challenges ahead.

UL can assess your company’s circularity efforts and position you for success. See UL’s Circularity Services

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